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Want to release weight without feeling hungry?


Juice fasts are becoming more popular as a way to “cleanse” the body and reset bodies riddled with pollutants, toxins, and food that’s laced with preservatives.


  • Feel overweight, tired, bloated and run down?
  • Ready to take control of your health but not sure how to start?
  • Want to release weight painlessly without feeling hungry?
  • Need to boost immunity the easiest possible way?

Do you wonder how a Beginner weight loss fast will work? But you want no pain, no fad diets, no immediate weight gain? With our super easy fast, you drink large blended juices, a protein smoothie and a nut mylk during the day. You will not go hungry. You will, however, start towards your ultimate goal of weight loss. This Beginner Weight Loss Fast is perfect for first timers and people who like eating! All the benefits of our Original Nosh Juice Fast with added extras.


  • Extra support and coaching to help you understand how to lose weight
  • You stay fuller for Longer
  • Slower Detox
  • Easier to achieve
  • Added benefit of extra trimmings Protein Smoothie and a Nut Mylk Drink


 “Thank you! Have started and the juices are delicious so far and I am full of vim and vigour!” @MollyAhmed 

“In all seriousness, the juices are very yummy. Please give my compliments to the Chef!” @sophia_king



Each day of the Beginner Weight Loss Fast Includes

1x Lemon & Ginger Tonic – Kick-start your digestion in the morning
3x Bottles of Fresh Nosh Juice (500ml) – Rest your body and help weight loss
1x Fresh Protein Smoothie – Boost and increase energy with protein during fasting process
1x Nut Mylk with Cacao – Soothe and relax before bedtime
Herbal Teas – Great for comforting, warm drink to keep you hydrated and your hunger at bay

Personal Support – Via telephone or email from our Health Coaches.


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