Today I am sharing a delicious marinade for chicken, pork or even shrimp that you can use for grilling all summer long. This is a Greek inspired marinade that takes inspiration from the flavor profile of Greek cuisine. Full of fresh, delicious Mediterranean flavors this is sure to please. Simple to make using a number of ingredients you may already have on hand and some fresh herbs that you can easily find at your local market or right in your home garden. This one is a real keeper! #summer #mealplan #quickandeasy #noreenskitchen

This marinade will be used to flavor some chicken that will be grilled in bulk and I plan to use it in several recipes for almost an entire week’s worth of meals for warm summer evenings. I have used a family tray of boneless skinless white meat chicken.

The marinade is simple. white wine vinegar, lemon juice, water, fresh dill, fresh chives, onions, garlic, agave nectar, Dijon mustard, salt, pepper and dried oregano. All blended together this marinade is a lovely, verdant, fresh way to flavor chicken pork or peeled and deveined shrimp in preparation for grilling.

All the amounts for the ingredients will be found in the printable recipe link below.

I hope you give this Greek style marinade a try and I hope you stay tuned for all the ways I plan to use this awesome chicken for a bunch of quick and easy meals that you can prep in advance for a busy week during whether it be during the hot summer months or anytime!

I hope you try this sometime soon and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

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  1. Never saw somebody using dill for a grilling-marinade, will try that for sure. Really like your description, that you want to catch the flavor profile of Greek cuisine with that recipe. Greek food we know as very satisfying when you are really hungry.

  2. Love this. Your videos always make me hungry you have helped me make dinner when I have never knew what to make. Whenever I'm struggling and I dont know what to make for dinner, I just go to your channel and my siblings have enjoyed all of it!! Your just an amazing cook! Thank you so much for all these amazing videos!


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