Best Pilates Workout ♥ Core Exercises For Weight Loss


This 15 min Pilates workout is perfect for anyone that is looking to tone and work almost every part of their body. From your core to your booty, this workout will get help you define those stubborn areas and help you get a good sweat on! Strengthening your core will not only help you lose weight and gain definition but it also helps with keeping your lower back healthy, and your pelvic area strong.

This pilates workout can be quite challenging for some people, so you are always welcome to take any modifications necessary, or pause the video. Grab your mat and join me for some Pilates fun in the snow!

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Shot in Banff, Canada



  1. Did your video from thailand with the 21 day challenge. Lost 8 lbs and 5 inches over all. Found this video today and will try it for a month to see if i get more results. Very excited. Love these vids!

  2. Oooh gutl your hands and face looked so cold! Brrrr!

    Loved loved LOVED the workout!

    Thank you BOTH for taking the time out of your precious day to create such a AMAZING videos!

    ✨They are definitely BEAUTIFUL!✨

  3. Ur my new trainer , ur super beautiful , super cute , super energetic and full of flexibility , loads of talent and hard work , yeah ur true inspiration . M following and I'm so happy with results . GOD bless u n ur entire family . Stay blessed , healthy & Happy . Love from Pakistan ❤️

  4. I have to admit as a yoga and Pilates teacher I was skeptical at first…the trippy, bubbly music, the seemingly overly new-age-y approach, but I now believe that's just who you are. Cute and bubbly. But you really do put together videos that are appropriate, sufficiently challenging, and inventive. I love the 17-minute format and have added any number of your Pilates minis like this to my playlist. When I want a little something at the end of the day, they are perfect. Thanks so much for sharing your sunny personality and killer Pilates and yoga minis. I'm glad I found you.

  5. your body are so flexible, but we're not so we cannot do the same as you do. Would you please give us a trick or practice video on how to get your tendons and joints to be that flexible?

  6. I have watched so many of these workouts with various trainers but I I have to say this lady is such a good instructor. I shall definitely be checking in on this routine more often and giving it a try. thank you

  7. I've been a bit lazy this winter with it being so cold, but when I saw you out there in the snow and mountains I told myself surely I can do this inside my heated house! Thanks for the inspiration and great workout!


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