Best yoga for Buttocks – Yoga Poses To Lift and Tighten Buttocks


For Workout details, calorie burn and individual moves:
If your backside could use a little tightening, try this Yoga workout for your buttocks. We all know that yoga can increase your flexibility, but it turns out that many poses work your booty and thighs too. No matter what your buttocks shape is, flat or bubble, this tightening yoga routine will do the trick. 275-315 calories.

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  1. Thank you!! I'm a former dance and cheer person that is about to be 45! I turned to yoga because of injuries and bored with running!! Those jumping jacks were a bit much for my knees, but I modified 😊. I like you, and you seem sweet! I will be back‼️

  2. i really loved it! As i exercise from home and i have 3 kids, these workouts are special to me. Wish you could release more workouts for total body , but please less than 45 minutes , cause like i just said i have 3 children and it is a bit hard to find enough time! Thank you so much! I have already downloaded your app! Keep up the great work! Love from Greece!

  3. so proud that i didnt have to take any breaks and i completed the whole thing, also girls this really helped with my cramps so if your on your period do this trust me.

  4. this was my very first full yoga workout and i loved it! its my 2017 resolution to be more flexible and of course build more muscles so i cant wait to see the result on my body and mind after this 30 day challenge! thank you for this playlist lots of love.

  5. Doing this video again at day 8, it's become more manageable compared to first time, and it's really good! wished the session was shorter though… had to stop in between to handle stuff… definitely will keep on coming back and make the results permanent! Thank you!

  6. Just tried this video and its the hardest workout yet… I took so many breaks! Definitely will keep doing it and get stronger! Thank you for the videos! Now for day 2…

  7. Starting the 30 day yoga challenge, wanted to just focus on myself for a bit to get my mind off.. distractions.. haha thats all it is im starting to eat more healthy and not skip breakfast, getting my 9 hours of sleep and drinking more water! I really hope I stick with this for the whole month

  8. hey .. I used to do some strength workouts including squats and lunges and after a awhile I found out that squats and lunges bulk up my quads really badly so i stopped working out at all and I just want a lean legs .. some ppl advised me to practice yoga .. I really like that workout routine but there is some moves look like squats and lunges .. if I did that will it bulk me up??


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