Best Yoga Workout ♥ Butt & Arms Toning | Pisac, Peru


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This 15 minute Yoga workout practice is all about toning and strengthening your booty and arms while focusing on your breath through tension releasing yoga poses. This is the perfect quick and effective workout that you can do to sculpt the lower and upper areas of your body. Using Pilates inspired matt exercises, this class is going to get you feeling stronger, more toned, and help you release any tension and anxiety from your day.

Have Fun & Enjoy XO

Juliana and Mark
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  1. After a few years of not working out I started your yoga about 3 months ago. It has been fun seeing the physical change and the progress of difficulty my body and do. I look forward with what other things I can do in with few extra months.

  2. Nailed it with the film production. Juliana…exquisite as always! Love my morning sess with you, keeps me centred and focus on positivity & love for the day. Much love to you both X

  3. Hello Boho Amazing! I interact everyday with friends, family, colleagues and clients- and everyday I Share Boho Beautiful🌟Thank you for all the Beauty and Discipline you share💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  4. Just a simple question since I’m trying to make sure I’m practicing safely for my body if I am not as flexible and my heels don’t touch the ground during my downward dog should I be bending my knees until I increase my flexibility??


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