BIKINI SERIES ☀ Total Body Mermaid Workout


Get ready to feel like a beautiful, toned mermaid with this total body sculpting routine!

This incredible BIKINI SERIES workout targets your waistline, obliques, thighs, arms & shoulders. You’ll feel these moves in all the areas you want to tone up for summer! Download your on-the-go printable HERE ~

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  1. So, I just found this. My thighs are out of control, so I am looking for some exercise. I tried the Mermaid Workout. I can't do the rainbow for very long just yet, but I did everything else. So excited!

  2. To anyone who works a desk job or with lower back or sacroiliac issues, I highly recommend this workout! It's going to work your core, IT band and gluteus medius and minimus which are all extremely important if you are feeling tight in those areas and if your feel pain while sitting.

  3. This was fun to do. Had to modify due to wrist and shoulder concerns. Nevertheless, I was good. I cannot wait to see the results after 8 weeks. Also, I noticed that there are no rest days, well, I do not workout on Sunday. Therefore, I will probably double up when I can.

  4. My favorite was definitely the mermaid move I felt it in my core without straining anything else! I also wore some light ankle weights so that might've been why I felt it in my inner thighs which I need to work on the most!

  5. I really love how different your workouts are from most workout videos. I love the challenge while keeping it low impact. I'm expecting my 2nd child and these videos are so ideal (I modify some of the core work). Thanks for your creativity!

  6. I just love your friendship . I wish I had a wrkout friend' smeone like u 2 to help push me in person. I was over weight at one point n then a few yrs ago I realised I wasnt getting any younger 'my cofidence wasnt any better n my age wasnt getting any younger. I realised what I wanted to do to change.Now even thou i hve no wrkout buddy i am however that friend who motivates others' shares pins and post to help others struggling. I cant wait to share these videos with my Fit Mom crew on pinterest. Thanks for all the advice…


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