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Black Mass Yoga | Inside Alternative Fitness

Today we meet yoga instructor Oli, who runs Black Mass Yoga. Does Black Mass Yoga mean satanic yoga?

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Prog Climation by Josh Kirsch/Media Right Produc
Granite (Sting) by Ethan Meixsell
The Barrow Stones by Drowning Horse



  1. This is A-MAZING!!!! I love yoga, but limit myself to do it at home… because most of yoga teacher use a soft voice and ''woowou'o language that just weird me out!!! (dont get me wrong, I'm quite woo-woo myself… but I just can't focus when someone whisper to me how healling my chakras while I try to fold myself in fourth) I'm a metal head as well… tho I'm not sure I would mix both together, it's been a really interesting story to watch!! Thank you for sharing!! Really glad I found out you had this other chanel as well!!

  2. So cool! What an awesome idea…I’d love to be able to attend a non pretentious yoga class where they play the pixies, joy division, Bauhaus….that would make it SO much more enjoyable! I love that he wants to make it accessible for everyone , genius! Genious channel of course ❤️

  3. Although I can't play an instrument. I prefer music over watching movies. Music speaks to your mind and sings to your soul it reflect so much of your personality and your mood. Once I put those ear puds on I loose myself from this world. And it's true somedays I've been to yoga class where at times the music played makes no sense with your yoga state of mind.

  4. Really really interesting! I’ve never been into yoga, I’ve tried classes and dvds at home but it never held my interest. I’m a huge metal head though, so seeing this is fascinating to me and makes me rethink it all.


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