Bodybuilding with Calisthenics | Losing My GAINS [UNCUT]


Introducing Bodybuilding with Calisthenics Episode 4 UNCUT! Losing My GAINS! Training back and biceps today. Been having trouble with my diet and skipped a few workouts. Already things aren’t looking so good. Here is the official episode:

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Here are the got damn answers to all of the same got damn questions you mofos keep asking a ninja! a.k.a the FAQs 🙂

Where are you from?
Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada a.k.a We The North a.k.a Canadia

What is your background?
My mom is Jamaican. My dad is Trinidadian.

How old are you?
Born: May 22, 1995
Current Age: 20

How tall are you?
5’8″ or 173cm

How much do you weigh?
I’m bulking so the weight will be going up. I’m around 150lbs right now or 68.2kg

When did you start YouTube?
Y’all can just check the ‘About’ tab on my channel, but I started this channel June 7, 2014.

When is your son due?
Sometime in late September. Can’t wait to meet him.

Are you single?
Yes, but I’m not hoe ready and my son is coming so I ain’t got time for no hoes.

What is your job besides YouTube?
I work at Goodlife Fitness as a Personal Trainer.

What gaming console do you play on?
Playstation 4. Not accepting friend requests yet. Waiting until I start a gaming channel to beast on you all.

Are you going vegan?
Never. Plant-based? I’ll try my best, but I know I will eat meat once in a while.

What is your intro song?
It’s not a real song. It’s a beat my brother gave and the beat shall never be released to the public… ever.

If you guys think of anymore questions I should put here, let a brotha know! Peace!



  1. Man can you give me any tips for my biceps? I train calisthenics since 3 years and my Biceps dont get a peak.. My biggest idol is Hannibal for King and he has amazing biceps from just bodyweight workouts so i rly wondering what he does different than me.. My current routine is one day training/ 1 off and my routine is: 100 Chin Ups/100 Dips and 100 Squats. I always try to make each rep with full ROM

  2. Um I just want to say that just cause you are not doing as well with bw exercises (muscle ups) doesn't mean you are losing strength. You're gaining weight so it only makes sense that bw exercises will be harder. Keep your comparison constant such as a deadlift or a squat, and I will guarantee you that you are getting stronger.

  3. TEXAS is checking in with you its been a minuet MAKE UP YOUR MIND what your gonna do then we will see real changes in your body your looking the same as when i watched u first you had cuts and strength PICK UP YOUR WEIGHT.


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