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Here is your next Booty workout! With an extra emphasis on your hamstrings 😉 All the muscles in our body are connected which means it’s super important to train each muscle group, otherwise that’s how you end up getting muscle imbalances and possibly injuries. So here’s a booty workout from my Fit Body app that will light your booty on fire and work your hamstrings as well, giving you sculpted, toned and beautiful legs 💪

Let me know if you try this Sculpt workout and which move was your fav!! ☺️☺️

Here’s the complete workout:

3:18 Superset 1:

1. Glute Bridge
2. Staggered Stance Stiff-Leg Deadlift
Repeat 4x

6:21 Superset 2

3. Weighted Single Leg Glute Bridge
4. Weighted Fire Hydrant
Repeat 4x

10:36 Superset 3

5. Cable Pullthrough
6. Sumo Squat + Toe Raise
Repeat 4x

12:38 Burnout!

7. Snap Squat
8. Isometric Single Leg Glute Bridge
Repeat 1x


xx Anna Victoria
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  1. Two questions for you girls!! 1. When will you be trying this workout? 😉 Keeping you girls accountable!! 💕 2. Is it helpful that I put the time stamps of each superset in the caption? Yay/Nay/Doesn't matter either way? 🙃

  2. I’m going to do this tomorrow… but Anna, i always wonder… it seems like there is never anyone at your gym!!! Lol I’m actually super jealous!!! I wish my gym was empty like that!

  3. my hubbies account. Im Vera_fbg on instagram , Im very thankfull for doing these videos because some of the moves im not shore if Im doing them right and with this video now i know what to foces on. Thankyou very much. Please keep doing them it is so helpfull


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