Cardiovascular Health Maintenance In Bodybuilding | What Lab Tests To Get + Supplements I Use


*Mid-2018 Upload – Sorry About The Audio
*This was recorded before I started the Vertical Diet last year. I still use these supplements to date, but I also have a Vitamin K2, Astragalus, and Vitamin D-3 supplement now. Vitamin K2 is one of the most important supplements on this list and is a major key for supporting the prevention of calcification in the arteries. Astragalus is a largely overlooked supplement that can greatly improve Kidney health. Vitamin D speaks for itself and it is very common to be deficient in it. I also drink a half cup of pure Pomegranate juice (not from concentrate specifically) per day as there is impressive data showing its efficacy in preventing plaque build up in the arteries.
➢ Blood Work:
➢ Citrus Bergamot:
➢ Organic Psyllium Husk:
➢ Tumeric/Curcumin:
➢ Probiotic:
➢ High Concentration Omega-3’s:
➢ Ubiquinol:
➢ Hawthorn Extract:
➢ Multivitamin:
➢ Vitamin K2:
➢ Astragalus Extract:
➢ Vitamin D-3:
➢ Lakewood Organic Pomegranate Juice:
➢ Carditone (if you need it for blood pressure control):
➢ (Gorilla Mind – My Fully Loaded Nootropic Formula)
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➢ Vertical Diet Download:
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  1. This is one of your best vids! too bad you dont get the recognition you deserve! This is what no bodybuilders talk about.. Done ekg myself.. it was really good think about doing it once a year! what do you think about daily consumption of caffeine/pwo with dmaa/dmha etc For blood pressure.. Do you think taking 500mg a day of magnesium citrate etc is a good alternativ for lowering BP? btw good source for citrus bergamot?? will definately use that

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  3. Yeah you can have stuff happen to you, just have to make sure your either really poor so on medicaid, or hope its really minor. Otherwise you'll be having to open a gofundme page begging ppl to help you pay for chemo.


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