Chakra Flow: Full Body Yoga Practice to Energize, Awaken, and Reconnect to Your Body


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For today’s yoga flow, our goal is to prepare and set the tone for the next step, the chakra challenge.

Together, we will move through a yoga sequence that aims to awaken, energize, and reconnect us to all the layers that exist: body, mind and soul. We will flow through various yoga postures and transitions that work into each chakra center, in no particular order, but with a desire to touch on each one.

Expect postures like….

*child’s pose, a grounding asana that awakens the root chakra

*cat + cow poses, a fluid like transition that awakens the sacral chakra

*a plank to forearm plank transition that energizes our fiery solar plexus chakra

*low lunge sun salutations that target the heart + throat chakra
a standing series of postures that will continue to connect our chakra system

*tree pose to reconnect our sixth chakra of intuition

*a backbend series to harness our heat, moving further into the heart + throat space

*yogi recess to invert and integrate with our final chakra, the crown chakra

And of course, we’ll end in savasana!

So with all of that said, I urge you to do three things today.

First, do the full body chakra flow to awaken, energize, and reconnect.

Second, sign up for the chakra challenge ( It’s a free seven day experience, what’s there to contemplate yogis!

Third, use my threads of experience to inspire your journey of pursuing what interests you moving forward.

And lastly, let’s unroll our yoga mats and do what we came here for!



  1. Hello Allie!
    I LOVE this video. Thanks so much for sharing your time and energy with all of us. I am in the midst of making some yoga videos myself and am wondering if you could share the make and model of the microphone you use in your videos. Thanks so much!

  2. I practice yoga in a studio about 3 times a week. I don’t really have patience to do it on my own. But I wanted to give this a go. During the practice, my stomach was really tight. Like a spot above my rib cage didn’t want to release. And my sacral was tight as well. When I was done, my throat chakra was really dry and tight. But I’m not sick. I definitely know which chakras to focus more on! Thank you!

  3. This is perhaps my favorite yoga series!!! Mahalo nui loa Allie for creating this, welcoming us all to join in and for being a wonderful yoga instructor. I really enjoy your flows and your fun, relaxing, relatable energy. Alooooooooha!

  4. So wonderful! I picked an Angel card before my yoga, and it was spot one..WHITE LIGHT and opening up the chakras! So thank you for this practice Allie, amazingly good 💫🍋💜

  5. Thank you so much! What I did really realized today is I need to take the peace off the mat that I feel on the mat! Especially over the next few day! Thank you universe for that beautiful reminder ❄️✨⛵️happy sailing Allie!

  6. Oh how I love your teachings. This class is so wonderful. I was so disconnected before doing this class. Now right after it, I feel I can keep going on my journey. Thank you so much. I am so glad I found your channel. All blessings to you. Namaste _(())_


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