Chhana'r polao—Tagore family recipe of rich paneer polao for Rabindranath's birthday


Chhana’r polao: A Tagore family recipe from the book Amish o Niramish Ahar by Pragyasundari Debi on the occasion of Rabindranath Tagore’s birthday on 9 May. This exquisite polao, prepared with freshly made chhana or paneer, is hands down one of the best polaos we have tasted. This vegetarian polao, laden with pistachio, almonds, raisins, ghee, spices, saffron and rose water, seems to be influenced by Persian cooking in not just the ingredients it uses, but also in the technique it follows in achieving the delicate balance between decadence and subtlety.

Every year we commemorate Rabindra Jayanti (birth anniversary of the Bengali poet laureate, Rabindranath Tagore) on our channel, by cooking one of the recipes from cookbooks authored by members of the illustrious Tagore family. In nineteenth and early-twentieth century Bengal, the Tagores held a prominent position in social, cultural and political life. Although Rabindra Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, well known for his contribution to Bengali poetry, music, education and publishing, we take this opportunity every year to celebrate the work of some of the women of this family, especially that related to the culture surrounding food. The Tagores were steadfastly modern in their outlook, and the recipes cooked in their household—some of them extremely quirky—reflect their sense of being part of a larger world beyond Bengal.

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  1. Sitting far away from home(Kolkata) in Edinburgh I often fall back on guys when I crave bengali delicacies.. and now the background score and everything about the videos provides me with a homely warmth as if I am few feet away from my barir rannaghor..
    keep up the good work!!❤️

  2. Incredible presentation. Bing eats was always my favourite cooking channel and this just added another reason to it. Please consider making more videos like this 😄

  3. पुराने स्टाइल की बांग्ला सुनने में बहुत भली लगती है (Purane style ki Bangla sun-ney mein bahut bhali lagti hai)! इस पाक कृति के लिए साधुवाद ( sadhu! sadhu! Thanks a ton for this recipe!)

  4. So last Friday as usual the first thing in the morning we checked was Bongeats..but then we realised that you guys have moved to India so you might upload the video according to IST. We became so anxious by evening and then we decided to go out for some coffee. As I sat inside the car I checked bongeats again voila! There it was Chanar pulao. So we turned on the video in the car. Silently we all just listened to your video for the first time not watching it….even my 6 year old said "the Male voice is so good". Amazingly done. You guys make all the bongs proud around the world.

  5. বাংগালী সকল ভাই ও বোনদের আমার ছোট্র চ্যানেলের পক্ষথেকে জানায় স্বাগতম।। সাপোর্ট করে পাশে থাকবেন।।

  6. Baba eto kichu!!! E to biriyani r moto process puro. But eta barite banano sombhob hbena, amar baba tejpata sojjho krte pare na… khete parbe na. sadness!

  7. This language is the language that we speak in home and a little different version is spoken by the majority here in Silchar. The author seems to be quintessential Syleti.


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