CHICKEN CHASSEUR How to Make chicken stew recipe




  1. I just tried this for the first time and it really was delicious 🙂 The only thing I did that was,a bit different to your recipe, was that I used cider instead of wine, also I coated my skinless chicken drums and thighs in some seasoned flour, and cooked them until golden brown, the mushrooms also I cooked or rather salteed them in the butter and oil until they too were soft and golden, also I added some chopped Italian tomatoes along with the puree and a little sugar to help caramelize everything.

  2. you are just wonderful. I love the way you explain the method. I love your cockney accent. Been cooking your Recepies for quite some time. Greetings from Germany. Who ever said british food is not great?? Makes me feel very hungry every time.

  3. When I taste the food at the end, I try and say it as it is. I always hope to give viewers some idea of how the food is after all if you have been kind enough to watch the whole video, it's the least I can do 🙂

  4. I made this today. My parter, myself and son both really enjoyed it. I used skinless and boneless thighs, and didn't add wine as I wanted it as low in calories as poss. Delicious!!!
    Thanks again

  5. I'm watching this and my mouth is watering. I'm off to the supermarket in a mo to get the ingredients! By the way, I shop where you shop. I recognised the oil and lardons!

  6. 🙂 omg he answers, thanks for taking the time and yes i bet we would all trust your reviews, it shows when a person is the real deal on youtube

  7. I am very pleased with the induction hob and would recommend it 🙂
    It heats up quickly, very user friendly and nice and easy to clean!
    If I get a moment I will consider doing a quick video.
    Thanks for dropping in and glad you like my recipes :))
    Also very nice to hear that you trust my reviews.


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