Chicken Curry Recipe – Chicken Curry Video


Chicken Curry Video: In this recipe, I show you how to make chicken curry using basic Indian spices and boneless chicken pieces. Must try recipe for all chicken curry lovers.



  1. i convinced my household to try this and we eat it occasionally now. we love your video and always come back to it for the recipe lol. always delicious too, thank you so much.

  2. Yeah you can skip tomatoes, use tomato paste or if you don't like tomato flavor at all, u can always add 2 tbsp of fresh plain yogurt instead. If not, then when the dish is ready, add a bit of acidity through lemon juice or vinegar. Cheers and happy cooking!

  3. I loved when you specifically said " one teaspoon of salt " instead of "to taste"…it is funny how some cookery shows use the word "salt to taste"…I have never seen any body use a bowl full of salt to prepare a dish…

  4. curry leaves?¿ never heard of them. but they have recota peppers and theyre real hot. most spices ye can get plus cilantra is abundant here in its veggy state. nut meg is quite expensive here. what does the yogurt do and what is its purpose ? looks good anyways. all this kinda food seems to go good with black tea.

  5. curry pwd is nothing but blend of diff spices and their are so many alternate versions of curry pwd. You can just keep some basic Indian spices on hand like garam masala, cumin seeds, turmeric, red chilli pwd for imparting Indian flavors to our food. Not sure if curry leaves are easily available in Peru but they make food tasty too!

  6. Hi :-), I made this dish today, It came out so very yummy, Thank you so much! i have one quiz for you,Green peppers?You meant Jalapenos? or green chillies, I had to skip pepper part because was in doubt;-):-)..

  7. hello ma'am, the fun pART of watching ur cooking' showz is itz really easy to make(try) nalso u cook with a lot of passion which even made me drool,,, oh my gosh 'm gonna try this tonight ,,, Secretion is @ peak ,,,i've to tell people around u r the luck persons,,, u certainly know the ART of COOKING plzing the appetite' thank u ma'am ,,,


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