Chicken Skewer Recipe TimeLapse


I will prepare a hundred people meals, I will make a hundred people chicken skewers I’m making preliminary preparations
I cut fresh green peppers three centimeters long
You can use red pepper pepper You can use red pepperI will use red cherry tomatoes I will cut and prepare chicken breast meat in cubes I am counting and I have thirty-five tracks
I’ll show you how to put meat on the swollen joints
There are tricky points that you need to look out for
There are some tips Wet the wood brooms with water
Will break and prevent you from sinking
It prevents the spit from burning when it gets wet
Do not stick the meat in the syrups like this
To make the meat you need to tighten firmly in your pouch
I put chili chicken tomatoes in the shape of chicken and pepper
You can add other vegetables if you want
But this is a meal preparation for a hundred people
Let’s see how I can do it faster now I will prepare four at the same time I will cook and cook in a grill pan or barbecue I finished the semester
After finishing on the remainder I will go to the stage of soshing
Now let’s go to the sauce I add half a kilo of yogurt
Hundred grams of garlic Tomato and pepper crust
I add freshly squeezed onion juice I add tomato juice
I add salt I add spices thyme flake pepper black pepper caraway
I add the mixture I prepared I put the meat in the pan
2 for one person will suffice
Cook in a temperature of 140 degrees in the oven for twenty minutes I add the presentation tomato sauce boiled potato
I add aubergines and I add grain corn It was a healthy and delicious meal I am adding wooden trash bottles
You can access other videos from my channel I add parsley




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