Chicken Sticky Rice Dumplings Recipe (Chicken Zongzi) 香菇鸡肉粽子 | Huang Kitchen


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This Chicken Sticky Rice Dumplings (香菇鸡肉粽子) recipe features a healthier version of sticky rice dumplings as chicken is used instead of pork. However, the taste is not at all compromised as the chicken meat is sealed with the marinate and seared to perfection before wrapping. These rice dumplings are just how I like them – soft, moist and flavourful sticky glutinous rice encasing a delicious mix of tender chicken and other ingredients which are infused with the aroma of the bamboo leaves.

Although the process of making these Chicken Sticky Rice Dumplings can be laborious, it will all be worth it in the end as these Chicken Zongzi are SO yummy delicious when homemade. Yes, they are way better than any store-bought or those available in the restaurants.

They really are a labor of love, so be sure to ENJOY!


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  1. OMG! How many pans did u use? This looked soo hard for a noob like me😭 Lots of oil & garlic & ingredients too. No hate though. Love the way you cook 😊😊😊. I wish I can do that😭😭😭

  2. i can tell by the hands of the cook that he/she is really seasoned and quite good on what she's doing. i imagine it belongs to a cute asian grandma who smothers and feed you with all the good stuffs that she cooks. i like you machang recipe btw.

  3. the first time I learn making bak chang..was to soaked the rice overnight ..and it is very time consuming.for me.seeing this video…it was so easy and the longest condiments was the Mung Bean…which take 3 hours..tq for sharing..

  4. Thanks for sharing, I always fry the dried prawns and then add in the glutenous rice in and fry well. So when we eat the Zongzi / bak chang , the rice has sweet and aroma of the dried prawns too ! I only add in one type of beans, will add in black eye beans too next time , Thanks


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