Chicken with chilli and basil | Chicken Krapow | Thai Recipe


Full recipe link here:

This is the easiest Thai recipe I know, and one of the tastiest. It’s just 3 ingredients and 3 seasonings, and takes just minutes in a wok or frying pan.



  1. To be authentic replace that Basil to Holy basil instead coz that is what we use here those basil you use not call Kra prao (Holy basil) but call Horapa (Thai Basil) those 2 has different in smell and taste Holy basil will give more of a peppery spice but Thai basil will give more on a sweet side aroma.

  2. Just discovered your books and thought I'd give this a go. Very easy to follow recipe and I absolutely loved it but unfortunately the fish sauce hitting the hot pan appears a little too pungent for my wife and son. Clearly need better extraction in the kitchen! Might cook it outdoors next time!

  3. Hi Adam, instead of chop garlic and chili you can actually use mortar(authentic way). A touch of fish sauce will give an incredible smell and dark soy sauce will add more color to this dish. By the way your dish is amazing, keep posting 🙂

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  5. Shite this is a Aussie doing the Aussie thing and declaring something is right when it is not just watch a few mor krakow gai vids on hear and you will see what I mean. And oyster sauce is in krakow so this fella doesn't have a clue!

  6. One thing that should be mentioned is the type of basil. Different type of basil gives different aroma and flavor. People can use any type that they like, but the authentic recipe requires "Holy Basil" In Thai it's called "Gaprao" and it becomes the name of the dish because it's the most important. important ingredients

  7. i love making thai recipes.very different and delicious all at the same time.your video was very well done.your tips and twists are gonna be great.thank you so much for sharing with us today.DELIGHTFUL.


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