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Core, abs and waistline routine.
Some of these exercises are not conventional but are very effective in restoring the strength of the abdominal wall. They can help to heal diastasis recti or weak abs.
Plie waist trimmer
Plank hip twistsLunge step in twists as a core repair exercise
Traditional abs – toe touches
Lunge deep twist – so important for developing a strong core, flat belly and BALANCE. Good Balance is a predictor of longevity.
Jump lunge with a side bend – you wouldn’t believe what this can do for your waistline as well as hip flexors, posture, back strength.
VACUUMS!!!! they are studied and proven effective for reducing the waistline with no weight loss. So they really tone the connective tissue and internal organs. The benefits are endless.
Free online yoga class. Home workout.
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Let’s Flow with Ease and Strength

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