CORE Building Yoga – Full Body Strength & Flexibility Workout | Gayatri Yoga


This Vinyasa flow yoga is focused on promoting building strength & flexibility to promote optimal health & weight loss. Activate your core & stretch & strengthen your whole body during this challenging but invigorating yoga practice. Total body workout will help you lose belly fat and have lean and tones muscles. Please subscribe, like & comment! Namaste!

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  1. I really enjoyed this – for me it was the perfect balance between strength & stretch. Thankyou so much <3 I am so very grateful that I just discovered you. After having my baby girl this provides me with the perfect yoga xoxoxo

  2. I couldn't practice because I was family meetings on last weekends and busy on Mondays.
    I needed a flow to wake up and activated the whole body that I've been sleeping for the last three days. This is perfect!!👍

  3. This is now my go to class, I love it even when collapsed on the floor in a sweaty ball. I injured my medial meniscus in my knee repeatedly trying to get into Locust from an Ashtanga practice, not many videos keep up the intensity like this manages to without doing anything that puts pressure on the inner knee. Keep inspiring people.

  4. It is tough but it has to be like that…I was telling it to myself each time I was about to fall on the ground 😀 During the session my arms and core were literally burning but this sensation after the class is priceless-tired but happy…What I really like is that no matter how strong the class is you always put emphasis on stretching, relaxing nad breathing exercises…everything perfectly balanced 🙂 Thank you Kristina for being constant inspiration to me :))))))

  5. Kristina, just wanted to say thank you for an amazing class. This morning broke in a new pro black mat. Needed a class worthy. This one was a wise choice. Hard to pick just one they are all special in their own way. Great start to what will truly be a beautiful day. Wishing you the same. Your classes have immensely positive impact on anyone who chooses to go from start to finish. Impossible not to feel amazing. Thank you for sharing.


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