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Cozy Yoga is the ultimate at home yoga practice for the whole family! All bodies and all types welcome for this gentle 40 min Yoga With Adriene (and Benji) practice designed to help you balance the energy of your body, process, stretch, soothe and Find What Feels Good.

Hop into something extra comfy and share this one with your tribe.

Happy Holidays to all. We are one.

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  1. I had zero energy today after a work-from-home day full of mind-numbing conference calls. I needed to loosen and lengthen and I remembered this one. I laughed out loud with a tear in my eye when Benji took over at one point. My lovable yellow lab who is no longer with us did the same thing at the same time the first time I did this video. I miss her every day. Thanks for loosening me up and bringing me a beautiful memory!

  2. I've been sick the last few days. Such a yummy mellow practice with humor included! Def Lifted my spirits. Thank you Adriene! NAMASTE🧘‍♀️💕

  3. I love that every yoga with you is with you for real! Like, the way you give some "spice" of your personality to it – makes it so special. I feel the nice influence from the personality perspective. I feel more positive, because you make everything so special, when before I thought that it's… usual, you know. So thank you for being with us, as you are! You are amazing AF (you get it :D), so is your work. Such a positive influence!

  4. As a person with chronic pain, sometimes my body isn't up to a really robust, high energy yoga practice. This was perfect for what I needed today. Time on my mat, connecting with my breath, and my body, but with minimal pain. Thank you so much Adriene. You are truly a gift to us all.

  5. Adriene you are definetely an inspiration …I stared doing yoga 2 months ago everyday …. I used to do like my days off but then I wanted to grow , so I started your 30 days of yoga (im doing now this one cuz im sick ) im practicing the 30 days dedicate program … I see a lot of differences in my moods … energy …my back doesn't hurt anymore…anyway…I really recommend you as a yoga teacher…great job!!!!!!!

  6. I have been super sick, and have been in bed sleeping for 2 days straight! Needless to say, my poor muscles and joints are really tight and painful. This practice was a good one for me this morning, as I am starting to feel well enough to do some light movement. It really feels good to stretch out the muscles and get some blood flow going! Thanks Adriene!

  7. Needed this nice cozy yoga. Just getting over some kind of flu, still a little stopped up but I'm ready to move a little bit. This was a perfect mixture of smiles, laughs, stretching, and moving to warm my heart and soul. <3 u Adriene!

  8. I have always said to my friends, "In real life I think Adriene and I would be epic friends!" After each video I've watched over the last 4 years I still believe this. You are unique and beautifully humble. I am so very thankful for YWA. Thank you for being you and letting the world join you in your practice! WE are SOOOOO fortunate you give us this gift!

  9. Hello from 🇳🇴 Norway! Thank for your Great yogavideos, Adriane! I love your style. Plus your humor, and that you don’t seem to take yourself too seriously 😁. Question: do you do Kundalini Yoga?

  10. Thank you for this Adriene. We have a cold weather warning and my heat hasn't been working properly. I've been fighting with the landlord to get it fixed and needed some stress relief. This did the trick.

  11. Hello Adriene! Thank you so much for this class! I did it in my livingroom next to our christmastree, you gotta make it cozy! I've had a cold for a couple of days now and this practice was really nice if you're not feeling very well. Once again, thank you and cozy holidays! ♥️♥️

  12. I needed this! Yesterday, Christmas Day, I spent six hours at the hospital with my mum, who fractured her femur – she is 101! She is having an operation this morning. Thank you Adriene xx Namaste 💟


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