I had a varied day today. 
1) I took my friend M out to lunch at a Thai restaurant for his birthday. It is my favorite Thai place. The food is always so good.
2) I went through a large pile of old mail and recycled 99% of it. Now I can see my credenza again. I put away a bunch of items that just needed to be put away.
3) I took both dogs for a walk after dinner. It was a normal walk until Happi stepped on some sort of prickly item. She tried to walk on two legs but that was not too successful. Her little back foot was curled under and she was trying to walk on it and her leg was trembling.  I picked her up and tried to feel if something like a rock was caught in her pad. I ended up carrying her home (my elbow is never going to heal!).  At home I got her to lay down and I pulled a half inch long straight pointy thing out of her foot. I searched for more prickles but she kept pulling her foot away. She was limping and shaking.
I put her in the car and took her to the hospital. The doctor looked at her foot and didn’t see anything. By that time she was walking better. They said to keep her in the waiting room and let her calm down and walk around.  In 15 min she was walking fine just a little tender.  I checked out and they said no charge. Nice!
Now I am sitting on the couch with my feet up.
I read my sister-in-laws blog today and my nephew was asking about the saying “we’ll put out the welcome mat”.  I wanted show him my new welcome mat.

Until tomorrow…


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