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In October 2012 I declared war on defeating Psoriasis naturally! I focused on alkaline water, juicing, a tiny bit of fruit and a lot of vegetables while cutting out acid-forming foods like red meat, pork, dairy, gluten, alcohol, and white sugar to clear Psoriasis and get myself to full health and vitality.

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No more being a victim on the sidelines, I got in the game and started taking responsibility and being accountable to my health. Boy, has it ever been a war.

In April 2014, after going through some unbelievably painful healing crises I cleared my skin completely and felt amazing for about ten months.

I hit a plateau in my healing…

Then life, as it tends to do, hit me hard, and I wasn’t the man I am now. It hit me at a time i was celebrating being clear, I foolishly thought I was done with Psoriasis, which meant I was taking a break from juice and water fasting everyday and eating the same vegetables at night. I had been very strict for TWO years, I was letting loose.

So, I took a break from that, I ate basically whatever I wanted, I drank a lot, I smoked. I lost a dear friend to cancer, I lost my business, I went off the deep end, and I partied way too hard. I never regret a moment.

The fear set in…

Wow, has the past 18 months been hard. When the Psoriasis came back in February 2015, it came back HARD, an entirely new beast conventionally known as Erythrodermic psoriasis. It consumed my whole body FAST, and sent me into a tailspin.

In a matter of five months, I was completely covered and oozing. Never did Psoriasis behave like this throughout the decade before I started healing naturally.

I started to flagellate in desperation and despair, I got lost in my own intellect. When a man gets lost in intellect, he forgets nature. I started practicing meditation to quiet and still my mind, building up my Fighting Spirit to a whole new, higher level and get drive my body to full healing.

Defeating fear with consciousness by staying present in Nature…

Nature is what healed me the first time, and it is what is healing me again. It is what will always heal all of us.

This whole year, I’ve gotten back to it. I can already see the awesome results. The best part is, this second phase, I have learned a great many things about cause and effect, getting down to the root and solving that puzzle. My goal for myself and others is to remove Psoriasis for GOOD, no more pain for anyone. We deserve to heal and be happy.

Fruits and Herbs are very important to detox & regeneration…

When I added fruits, herbs and chelating minerals to alkaline water, juicing, blending and raw veggies, I can fully eliminate toxins and regenerate all tissue, flush out all heavy metals and remove all the pathogens and parasites that cause problems, which keep Psoriasis coming back and that lead to chronic inflammatory issues.

I’m now focused on bringing in 70/30 raw fruits/veggies for healing food fuel.

Alkaline Water, Fruits, Herbs, Botanicals, Veggies, Juicing, Blending, Chelating, Liquid Fasting…

That is the healing FUEL and PRACTICE. I strive to eat those raw foods as much as I can each day. Beyond that, I make the best decisions I can to eat the best foods I can. I know I’m eating for desire when I cook or indulge. So, I thoroughly enjoy it, I then get back to my practice. I don’t have “cheats”, I have treats.

With diet, I do my best and keep it simple…

The “eat this, not that” thoughts will keep me spinning my wheels. So I eat and do the above for fuel and eat the rest for desire. I strive to eat at least 70/30 fuel/desire, or raw/cooked.

Nature heals Psoriasis

I know now, as I knew at the end of the first two years, Nature is the key to success, not my intelligent mind. I overcomplicated the simplicities.

As the P came back and hit me hard over spring into summer 2015, I got lost in trying to find a silver bullet, like protocols for magnesium, iodine, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, all these things, that are ok, correcting nutrient deficiencies is important but a balanced, harmonious approach is most important.


The amazing art and science of Kinesiology…

I visited a master Kinesiologist & Herbalist, and he performed Muscle Resistance Tests (MRTs) on me. This is the art of tapping into the body’s electromagnetic field, so it can communicate exactly what is wrong and exactly what it needs.

The MRT consists of either asking the body a question, or making a true/false statement, or holding up something to the middle of the chest and then he has me put my thumb and pinky finger together as he tries to pull the two apart with both of his hands.

The body’s response will be measured in the strength or weakness of my finger and thumb as he pulls them apart.

For example, I will hold a bottle of supplements to the middle of my chest, ask “is this supplement good for my body?”, then he will say “are you ready?” and then pull.

We did this countless times with all the many supplements I’ve bought. I tested very weak on 21 out of 25 supplements that I had been taking for months.

He then tested me on the herbs I have begun taking. I tested very strong on all the herbs.

Finally, we did a Q&A, and this was where my mind was REALLY blown.

He went through many possible toxic causes for the Psoriasis condition.

He asked “Are heavy metals the main cause of the Psoriasis?” – I tested VERY strong to that.

He then asked “Are parasitical toxins the main cause of the Psoriasis?” – I tested moderately weak

He repeated this for bacterial toxins, emotional toxins, food allergy toxins, spiritual toxins, viral toxins, electromagnetic toxins of which I tested weak on all of those.

He then asked again “Are heavy metals the main cause of the Psoriasis?” – Once again, I was extremely, rock-solid, grizzly bear strong.

Crazy stuff, and it really works. I could be the strongest muscle builder in the world or the weakest person in the world, I could not have purposefully falsified this. It was the truth, my body was telling me the problem and how to solve it.

This was the body speaking, not me…

He then explained the situation, of how heavy metals will be consumed by a fungus, and then excreted back out. The metals do not break down or biodegrade. The fungus actually makes the metal less harmful to the body when it consumes it.

The problem is, the fungus will grow and proliferate as it consumes the metal and the metal doesn’t go anywhere. Furthermore, the fungus excretes neurotoxins when consuming metals and other acids, which makes the Immune system go haywire! The poor skin cells become the misdirected targets, since they are choking on the debris and trying to help an overwhelmed Lymph system deal with the waste. Innocent collateral damage of an on-going war.

He gave me zeolite to eliminate heavy metals and I’ve had great success with it! I can get this to you in the USA. Click here to place your order now.

I suggest to look for an experienced Kinesiologist near you that knows what they are doing, you will be impressed.

Time to send in the troops…

I had an Epiphany of why I cleared the first time and why it came back!

I had cleared all the bacteria, viruses, and fungus through correcting Acidosis, but I never focused on chelating the heavy metals out of my body. So, when I became acidic again through diet and lifestyle, the stress that hit me hard,  was weak and vulnerable, the fungus regrew and the metals were still there for it to consume!

The eyes tell a story of the body…

Another practice I dove into was Iridology, studying the eyes to see what’s going on in the body.



It’s clear to see the brown ring around the pupil extending out which shows chronic lymphatic issues in my stomach and bowel, primarily the colon and the dark ring around the perimeter of the eye which shows genetic skin weakness (Psoriasis response).

The orange surrounding the brown rings, shows massive sulfur deposits in the bowel, which are the neurotoxic waste products of pathogens and parasites, and the damage done by lingering heavy metals.

I have always had skin issues, before Psoriasis, it was acne, before that it was warts, before that it was odd blemishes. Overall, I was a healthy kid, so I didn’t get these issues much, until I moved out on my own, ate the college diet and started using medications for the first time in my life.

Then a knee surgery, anesthesia, antibiotics, BAM Psoriasis…. Metals.

The Kinesiologist explained to me that Heavy Metals will typically settle in the liver, intestine and bowel, and that is also a very active area for parasites and pathogens of all types to consume acids and metals and cause problems as well.

Then the kidneys will get overwhelmed and weak, the glands start to malfunction (adrenals, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, pancreas) and guess what comes in to save the day… the Skin! Which is the largest detox organ, the “3rd Kidney” as Dr. Morse calls it.

Here is what a master Iridologist  wrote in an email reply (He was unaware that Psoriasis is the condition I’m working on healing.)

toxins in bowels, affecting nerve wreath
pituitary, adrenals
Brain area, starting the “arc of senility”
bronchials lung
Needs to clean bowels, lots of toxins
Needs to skin brush probably, skin area toxins

Thats a quick synopsis.

Takin’ it back to the old school, with new school tricks!

I have been practicing meditation, listening to spiritual masters like Eckhart Tolle and Rupert Spira. This has been immensely powerful on my healing journey.

I have overcome all fear, anxiety and depression that set in when the P came back last summer harder than ever.

The quieter my mind becomes, the more I can listen to my body and what it needs me to do.

Balance, harmony, love and peace..

I must approach healing with balance, harmonious transition and a peaceful joy while loving my body.

This energy will enrich my fighting spirit and make the journey fulfilling.

I love helping others build skills through practice and blossom into a Psoriasis Healing Warrior.

We are doing this together. We are not alone. We will win.

I have another post coming with what I feel the causes of Psoriasis are and how to heal.

I will never settle, I will not stop, I will win. I am a Warrior.


A humble Warrior ~Matt

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