Day 1 Beginner Yoga Challenge: Downward Facing Dog


Welcome to this One Month Beginner Yoga Challenge. Watch this whole series commercial free on Pair these videos perfectly with #MayIBeginYoga2016 to support your daily practice and share on Instagram. Videos will publish on the day before the calendar date to give you time to practice and post on IG. Subscribe, comment, like and share to stay involved in the yoga challenge.

Welcome to Day 1! Start your yoga journey off with this basic instructional video and practice based around Downward Facing Dog. Called Addho Muka Svanasana in Sanskrit, Downward Facing Dog is one of the more foundational yoga poses. Used in the Sun Salutations and in the transitions of most seated poses, setting yourself up for good alignment in Downward Facing stretches and strengthens the shoulders, releases the back and gives you access to a deeper forward fold and hip flexion.

We designed this month’s challenge to be the perfect introduction to yoga, just like a 30 Day Yoga Course, but we want ALL levels to join and share their practice. This is the same challenge as last year so it’s perfect for those who participated to see how far you’ve come!

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  1. It's good to be back! It's been a while since I practiced and I noticed that I've become less flexible: it's harder to pick somerthing up from the ground! 🙂 So for the last few months I've been saying I should get back to yoga, and now I've finally done it! I hope to get into a good routine again, I just feel so much more grounded and just content when I do yoga or meditate regularly.

  2. Just did Day One ! I have fibromyalgia and it was pretty difficult to hold myself up but I did most of it 🙂 can't wait to see what happens if I keep going with it! I'm not sure if I should do day 2 tomorrow or wait a day in between though? ♡

  3. Its such a good video, u r very good teacher. I have a course of yoga where teach mě, but this lesson is much better that i could know how to practise to do asans well. Thank you for your videos And keep doing IT.

  4. Thank you, my daughter just adores you and has me taking your journey. I've bee diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that spread to the brain. The first step to remove the tumors was successful, next the treatment of all that other toxic stuff. I love the YOGA and it makes me feel so good! Thank you! Mo

  5. Jus Wanna Say Today I Made A Year Following The Practice You Have Shawn All, At The Beginning I Was Not As a consistent As Iam Today! Telling MySelf Iam Doing Yoga Iam Capable Iam Able To Do Is It… I Wanna Be Flexible, Iam Strength Within HeHe Kept Saying It & Doing More KinoYoga & Felt Involved With Yoga & Iam Grateful & I Appreciate You Being A Strong Cookie… My Body Endure It All HaHa Soul Jus Wants More But Thank You & Iam Continue Doing KinoYoga HaHa Namaste Wonderful Soul

  6. I practiced yoga for years and was pretty far in my journey! I havent practiced in more than a year now and decided to us this 30 days challenge as a kickstart for my practice! i cant believe how much I had to bend my knees to be comfortable in 3 legged dog! Thank you Kino

  7. I have Fibromyalgia and I am treating myself with a vegan diet and yoga instead of toxic medications. You are very inspiring in my recovery and this beginner series is helping me not to overdo it. I really appreciate your videos.

  8. I'm trying so hard to watch your video because I really want to practice Ashtanga yoga, but you talk sooooooooo much and it really feels like I'm watching a video game tutorial. Ughhhh.. it's annoying. I'm a beginner to Ashtanga, but not yoga. This is junk.

  9. Hi, I am a grad student in the field of Biology and Animal Science and also a Regular Extended Yoga and Meditation Scholar. I'm conducting research for a course on Zen Yoga and Meditation and would appreciate feedback from anyone interested in answering a few questions for data collection. Thank you for your time! Namaste.

  10. Kino Ma'm Though I am bit late to watch such a valuable video of yours, however I feel you have done great job. Let me know may I too learn and perform the same Yoga asanas you are displaying because I am a male person.

  11. Really appreciate the finer points for the posture, felt a big difference in my downward dog, feeling much more connected to myself after. I have been doing yoga for a while, alot of guides miss out details. Lol was thinking my belly was gonna pop out my back, hollow baby! Who knew there was so much space! Thanks! ,:)

  12. Hi Kino, I am new to yoga and am struggling with slipping on the ‘non slip’ mats on the market. However the mat you use in your videos seems like a rubber/silicone mat which I am unable to find anywhere. Could you share where I could buy one 0lease?

  13. Hi Kino, am the new one for yoga i seen so many yoga videos in many channels but you are videos are awesome. I decided to take your advice 30 days yoga challenge. Is this right to start my beggining practice. After 30 days program plz suggest me the next program link

  14. Thank u for this great series of yoga videos for beginners. It is structured and hence easy to follow. I have one small question about this video. Before you moved to the dog pose, u asked us to suck in our belly. Do we have to maintain our sucked in belly throughout the dog pose. If so, that’s seems to be tricky cos when I exhale my tummy relaxes and hence I have to suck in my tummy every time (while at the dog pose). That’s a lil’ exhausting.
    Am doin it right?


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