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Welcome to your Day 1 Dedicate practice! This full length yoga session invites you to take the necessary time to drop in and focus on essential vocabulary that you will take with you for the whole 30 days. Set the tone for your journey as we DISCERN or recognize your reason for showing up.

The hardest part is showing up. This loving, informative and foundational practice will ease you in nicely.

We are doing this!


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  1. So lately I've been extremely stressed and anxious about my future and being stuck. A few days ago, I came across your beginners yoga video, got inspired, went and bought the most beautiful yoga mat for myself. Those 20 minutes, when I went trough that video was the only thing in ages that managed to take my stress away even if it was only for half an hour. So here I am, being fully dedicated and excited to go on this journey! I know I'm late with the start but I think I found these classes just when I needed it the most and when I was fully ready to take action for myself! Thank you so much!

  2. Question. If you're following this daily, and say you're on day 2 or 3 or any day and you feel like you're just not moving well or it's just not going well, should you keep repeating that lesson until you master the moves or just move on to next day?

  3. April 17th, 2019. I'm starting Dedicate today in search of a need for commitment. I have lost my strong motivation to persevere and have been overcome by laziness in the last few years. It is a constant disappointing cycle where I set goals for myself and fail to complete them and then become self-loathing. Writing this now so I will come back in 30 days to reflect on this journey.

  4. Adriene – thank you so much for introducing me to yoga though your wonderful practice. You are insightful, patient and most importantly, very instructive. I thoroughly enjoyed your previous 30 day routine and just started Discern tonight. I have a mother/daughter paid of Golden Retrievers who help me out and I think they connect with Benji every now and again too! Anyway, just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re the best.

  5. Vegan Earth and Soul inspired me to do a 30 day yoga challenge. I had heard of your channel before but have never looked at the videos. Well, well, well, wouldn't you know it, you have a 30 day yoga challenge! I am a dental hygienist so my body is usually in a lot of pain. I just did the first video and it has helped me so much! Thank you for making this challenge.

  6. 15 April 2019 – Day 1 of Dedicate. I'm trying to overcome my body hatred & I'm so proud of myself for starting this journey 🙂 I want to work with & learn to love my body & mind. Thank you Adriene for creating this programme, I've enjoyed Day 1!
    QUESTION: Does anyone have any tips for relieving pressure in the wrists? I try to claw through the fingers but the pressure is still too much to hold the positions for long (especially tabletop & downward dog). Any tips welcome – namaste! X

  7. it's the 15th of april and i'm months late but i would just want to thank you so much for this routine, though people wouldn't see huge improvements, i do see tiny ones that make me a lot more loving and open and just vividly trusting myself and the world

  8. Just back in town, Amsterdam after 3 month traveling! It was wonderful to do you with you during traveling. Now I try to continue this at home. Hope it works and I manage to stay practicing, back to busy life 😉
    Thank you Adriene 🌎

  9. Just finished my day1! All the time I say I am tired, I don't have time…. today… at 12 at night I decided that it's time to put my excuses aside and set my …butt on the ground to start this journey with you!! I hope I can be as dedicated as I feel today , everyday for all the 30 days!!
    I have anxiety and at the beginning of this video when I took my first deep breaths , I felt my heart pounding …but until the end of the video I was fully relaxed!! Thank you 😍😍😍

  10. This morning my husband walked through and glanced at the title screen of the video. He thought it said Yoga Witch Adriene. You will forever be known now, in this household, as the yoga witch. Work your magic, girl.

  11. Woah, thank you so much ! <3
    I'm fairly new to your channel, and I'm starting this 30 day yoga journey today.
    This 1st session moved me so much (in the good way), your kindness and the feeling of being safe brought me tears of joy and relief.
    I'm already feeling lighter. 🙂

  12. Practicing with your videos helps me to stay away from depression? this is my fith time practicing with you and I think I will continue through the DEDICATE!))
    Thank you!

  13. Day 1 for me…for Yoga and for this. I AM SO TIGHT! I did not realize how tight I actually am. Like pulling my left hip over my right…you go all the way to the floor, I can barely hit center. Lol i am excited to see how that changes. Tell me it will get better because your girl is struggling.


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