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Welcome to your Day 22 Dedicate practice! Today’s 22 minute strength building yoga session brings our attention to the principle of Sthira, or stability.

Can you move in a way that is strong and alert without pushing, forcing or creating tension?

Condition the body and the mind to cultivate steadiness without tension and to build strength without pain.

Pro reminder: This concept works both on and off your mat.

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  1. Hello Dedicate fam!
    You don’t need to sacrifice love for self and truth – for a “good body"!
    Your body is already good, let’s work for it instead of on it.
    Be disciplined about THAT.
    It requires both mind and body conditioning.
    After all, what is the point of having a “good body” if you are still looking in the mirror and not knowing or loving who you see?

  2. i don't usually comment on these videos but I started this yoga challenge in April (a lil later than everyone else but I've still loved the experience!) and i just wanted to say, today i had a tough time finishing the session, half way through i found out some sad news and bringing myself back to the mat was a challenge but i did it and i finished with a small smile on my face.

  3. The hardest part today was not all the planks or side planks, but sitting both my back and legs straight. I look like an egg sitting 😂 glad I made to day 22, about to get a train but sticking to showing up to the mat everyday!

  4. Repeat of Day 22 on the books! Been away for a week, today was hard on my wrist. My wrist has been sore for over a week now. I thought taking a few days would help, but I've noticed even with me texting that my wrist is sore. I will trudge through and hopefully, they will get stronger. Great Day to be alive and getting stronger with each practice. Thank you, Adriene!

  5. Hey, I made it to day 22! side planks a struggle. If you have any tips for variations due to a left arm injury. I am all ears! I can still use arm but I have muscle atrophy from hand to shoulder so not much to support my weight. I tried though!!!🙌🏾 Thanks again for this journey Adriene!

  6. Holy side plank, WHAT?! Oh my, I have some challenges in my Life today and this will definitely help me hold steady though them now. Not my favorite but very helpful. lol LOVE. Also, got my lemon water kicking for the 7 day wake up lemon water, 15 min yoga, 5 meditation, and later the walk. Grateful and Thankful<3

  7. Dear Adriene, when I started today's session, I already felt sad and stressed and just not good at all, but I thought: I'm going to do yoga and forget about all of this and relax. When I was sitting on my mat, I felt that I was welling up already, but I didn't want to cry. And then you said everything was okay to bring onto the mat and I couldn't help it and the tears streamed down my face. I cried through the rest of the session and every time I felt almost okay and calm, you said something that made the tears come back, which I think was good. I'm still very sad now, but I think it's a lot better than keeping everything inside, so thank you. I hope I will feel better tomorrow. I love you, namaste 😢💙

  8. This one was difficult bc I had a breast explanation surgery 6 months ago so I modified the side plank! Thank you again Adriene for making this video. You have helped me re-set my life ❤️💋🥰.

  9. What time of the day did you make this video? I love the light in the room 🙂 Today's practice was so challenging for me and I felt pain in my wrists while doing the side plank. By the way, I love my every day yoga here! Thanks Adrienne and everyone 🙂

  10. Hi Adriene! Thank you for this journey! =) I've found really hard the side plank when I was used my right palm. I experienced palm pain, am I doing something wrong ? Thanks a lot! A big hug from one Argentinian living in Australia.

  11. Day 22 = Finished! Does Yoga make other people feel emotional (or release tears) or am I just soft? This flow helped me release and I really needed that. The side plank is now one of my favorite poses because it is a challenge and nearly broke me. So now I plan to master it. I like how you eased into it …made it less daunting.

  12. hi sorry unrelated, did benji lose his tail? what happened =(
    also, why did you have to mention the smear the honey part, it made me fall down laughing from my side plank lol. which of course i would've been able to do perfectly otherwise hahah

  13. I’ve been really emotional these last couple of days, and when I sat down and pressed play on today’s practice, I started crying. This journey is turning my insides out and my outsides in. It’s amazing, and challenging. It is surface, and it is inner most depth. It brings everything out, things you didn’t even realize were there (or still there) and as hard as that can be, it’s so rewarding. I feel every possible feeling on any given day, but when I step on the mat and start to breath, I find myself. Over and over again. That is the greatest gift I have been given. I am so proud of myself, and so thankful ❤️❤️

  14. That was so funny Benji was coming in for a booty rub towards the end and I think Adriene was trying not to laugh. Even the second time doing this feels so new. I love this series. I totally had to modify the side planks to fit my mood today, still got a long way to go but my oh my have I come a long way!! thank you #ywa


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