Dedicate – Day 23 – Joyful | Yoga With Adriene


Welcome to your Day 23 Dedicate practice! Today we build on yesterday’s Steady and strong session. In this 20 minute practice we explore Sukha, or ease, dissecting what it means to find joy on the mat.

Breathe deep, layer on the good stuff today and Find What Feels Good.

Let me know how you are feeling in the comment section down below!


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  1. Happy day 23, everyone!
    One of the greatest lessons ever bestowed on me is one that has come time and time again.
    In every stage, in many, many forms.
    It’s always the same. Someone whispers, or shouts…
    Find the joy.
    So tell me, my friends, what brings you joy?

  2. Many times I wonder why do I do the most self-caring things when things are bad, instead of doing it when things are going well also. I have found that with yoga, I cherish the bad moments and the good ones, even more, this is the constant I have been looking for and I am so grateful for it.

  3. Today I feel so much better! This session was awesome! It was tough and lovely and fun at the same time, and I was smiling even through the toughest part. I'm really getting there, I think 🙂

  4. Hi Adrienne! I found your channel by pure luck and I'm happy to say that Yoga with you has completely transformed my life! I had no previous yoga experience so seeing myself now compared to where I started is amazing! I go on and on to all my friends and family about how incredible it is to practice Yoga for our overall health. One day (when I've gotten most moves down), I will drive to Austin (from Houston) and do Yoga with you and other Yogies!!! Again… thank you for you've done for me!

  5. To become more joyful was one of the intentions I set at the beginning of this Dedicate journey. Until now, I've never related being joyful with being at ease, but now it seems so obvious! To be easy is to feel spacious which allows room for joy. Thank you goddess Adriene 🙂

  6. Comment #2. This came to mind as I was browsing the comments (I LOVE reading comments. I saw someone else say this on another video, but your comment section is nothing but love and light).

    With most workout or yoga videos I've done on youtube, I usually give up when it gets hard. I either quit the video all together or I sit out the pieces that I struggle with. This is problematic as it means that I teach myself not to ever push myself and that it takes me a long time to get stronger. So long, in fact, that I normally give up. I know there are some day when you need to take it easy (that's why it's taking me longer than 30 days to get through this) but I also know you do have to push yourself sometimes… so I started pushing myself through the hard parts back in the first week of videos.

    From pushing myself I learned one amazing thing: to trust Adriene. I noticed that you really seem to know your audience well and you never throw out more than I can handle. Usually, when I give up, you only do one more or one more cycle of breath and I always end up thinking, "I totally could of made it through that" to the point where I find myself rarely giving up anymore. When I want to I think to myself, "Trust, she never does more than you can handle." And sometimes your mantra of, "You have everything you need here". I can definitely feel myself getting stronger, physically and mentally.

  7. I forgot to write that in the Day 22 practice when we extended our legs out into plank I accidentally kicked my cat in the face and had to cease and desist yoga so that I could try to convince him that it was an accident and that I loved him very dearly.

    He seemed totally over it today so I think we're good now.

    🙂 I haven't been commenting as much because I feel as if I have less and less to say. I feel like my emotions and thoughts have calmed down… I am more steady… and today I was really able to embrace the JOY. I've been a lot kinder to myself. I'm not sure if it's the yoga or the yoga and a combination of other factors but I'm starting to feel happier.

    The yoga is probably a really big factor.

    Thanks for another great practice, lovely miss Adriene. See you tomorrow <3


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