Your body absorbs toxins in a number of ways, from food to the environmental factors. However, your body tries to eliminate toxins in multiple ways. These toxins come from the food you eat, water you drink, and of course the environment.

On the other hand, modern medicine recognized that the accumulation of toxins in the body leads to severe health complications. Toxins wreak havoc on your body and badly impact your muscles. The sure shot way to muscle strengthening from inside is a good detox plan.

Detoxing is also a vital process that will help to eliminate back pain and sciatica. How can detox actually help to get relief from sciatic pain?


Sciatica and Backpain

Back pain has become a universal phenomenon. Similarly, sciatica is the most common and the most misunderstood condition. It is usually caused by irritation, inflammation, or pressure on the sciatic nerve. The nerve travels from the lower back to the sole.

About 40% of the world population develops sciatica at some point of time in their life. The pain radiates from the lower back to buttocks and travels down to the leg. Lower back pain is the common symptom of sciatica.

NSAIDS and over the counter medications fail to improve the condition. Many treatments help to manage the radiating pain. The results of the treatment vary with every individual. According to the report published in the The Journal of the American Medical Association (May 2015 issue), even steroids do not always prevent the pain.











So sciatica is not about treating the pain, there is more to it. What was that missing link?

You cannot attempt to wash a stained fabric with dirty water. Similarly, when the body is full of accumulated sludge and toxins, it doesn’t respond to treatment.

The answer to sciatica and back pain is simple, detox.

A clinical study highlighted that 76 % of sciatica patients reported complete relief in their symptoms without any toxic side effects after being administered a classical Ayurvedicdetoxification for 45 days.

You need a quick detox plan to energies your muscles and eliminate the pain if you experience few or many of the following:

  • If you wake up with the stiffness or rigidity in the lower pain and/or leg(s)
  • If you wake up feeling sluggish and worn out in the morning
  • If you feel unusually exhausted all day and night
  • If you are always ready to roll on the bed
  • If you feel ‘tight’ in your lower back with a sensation of mild strains
  • If you experience moderate to intense pain constantly or frequently in the lower back

It is a solid indication that your body becomes the warehouse of toxins.  The constant building up of toxins blocks muscles.

Detox – Where and how to start

detoxingYou can detox your body on many levels. Start with a simple foot detox.

The best way to cleanse your body is a detox foot bath. It balances and soothes the whole body. It is technically termed “Bio Electric Field Enhancement Unit.” It generates positive and negative ions and creates the pH balance in the body. As a result, the negative ions get removed and positive ions are increased.

Soak your feet for 30 minutes in warm salt water along with the foot coil. It gives the muscle strength to deal with back pain. Foot detox also eliminates the free radicals, which enhances the range of motion. It supports healthy circulation.


Detox Diet

In addition to foot detox, change your diet to cleanse your body                                                                      detoxing juice

  • Start drinking more water, at least two liters a day.
  • Drink freshly squeezed juices without adding sugar or any conservatives several times a day
  • Replace one meal with fresh smoothies, preferably breakfast.
  • Concentrate to plan for healthy diet sans processed foods, red meat, sugar, and dairy products.

It is a healthy practice to go for a detox, once in every 3 to 4 months. When was the last time you had a detox? Or think if you can recall the moment when you had the idea of detoxification? If you have done a detox a few months ago, a year ago, a couple years ago, or 5 years ago or just never, it doesn’t matter.  There is no better time to start it now.

Detox cleanses your bloodstream, improves your gut health, channelize your energy levels and strengthen your muscles. Thereby, it helps you reduce back pain and sciatica effectively from its roots.

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