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Chef Bao shows you how to make this Easy Chinese Noodles with step by step instruction. So, you can stir fry your own delicious and fresh Chinese noodles at home.

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[Easy Chinese Noodles with Fried Chicken Fillet Recipe]

# Ingredients

2 cup Flour
3 Eggs
300 g Chicken breast
½ cup Bread crumbs
1/3 cup Parmesan Cheese
1 tbsp Chili powder
1 tbsp Cayenne pepper powder
Egg wash
½ cup Onion
½ cup Carrot
½ cup Scallion
1/8 cup Jalapeño
½ cup Bok Choy
1 tbsp Soy sauce
1 tbsp Oyster sauce
1 tbsp Sesame oil
3 tbsp Cooking oil (For Fried chicken)
1 ½ tbsp Cooking oil (For Stir-fry Noodles)
Salt and pepper for seasoning

# Directions

1. Pour flour on the table. (Make sure you have enough space to knead the dough.) Beat 3 eggs in. Knead the dough to a large ball.
2. Rest the dough for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, use rolling pin to flat the dough.
3. Fold it to be a long and thin shape like an envelope. And then chop it as noodles.
4. Put the noodles into a pot with boiling water. Cook for 10 minutes. Set aside.
5. Cut the chicken breast into a butterfly shape. Flat the chicken with meat ponder.
6. Heat a large skillet with high heat, and add cooking oil. Place chicken inside. Fry both sides until turn to golden brown. Transfer to a plate. Set aside.
7. Warm up a large pan with high heat, and add cooking oil, chopped onion, chopped scallion, julienned carrot and julienned Jalapeño. Stir-fry for a while. Add Bok Choy and cooked noodles. Keep stir-fry well.
8. Transfer stir-fry noodles to serving plate. Chopped the juicy fried chicken and place aside noodles. Garnish with scallion and serve immediately.
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  1. What's the not easy recipe for the noodles? That's nearly the same dough recipe Italians use for pasta, but fresh pasta and the Chinese noodles I've tried have a different taste and texture

  2. That's a lot of effort for noodles…is it worth it in terms of taste compared to ready made out of the packet dried noodles? 🤔

  3. So you don't have to let the noodles dry a bit before cooking them? This recipe looks delicious I can't wait to try it myself. Thank you, Chef!

  4. So delicious! Don't forget in our culture we are always reminded that the Chinese tradition is to make noodles long for long life. 👍
    id love to eat noodles everyday but my family are rice addicts lol

  5. OK. Last time this chef used kimchi in his recipe, some Korean jump out and say kimchi is not Chinese, that was a Korean dish. This time this chef used Parmesan cheese in his dish, no one ever jumps out and say hey Parmesan cheese is not Chinese blah blah.. glass heart? Stubborn keyboard warriors never know how to cook, they make instant noodles.

  6. That was so easy and simple to follow. I believe the noodles are the best part, although you could but some. Other than that clear, concise and well edited video. Good job! From London, GB.


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