Easy Gourmet Dessert Recipes : Lemon Zest Pizzelles Italian Dessert Recipe


Learn how to make lemon zest pizzelles, a gourmet Italian dessert, in this free easy dessert recipe on video.

Expert: Marlene Spiegel
Contact: www.mspiegel.mywildtree.com
Bio: As a Founding Team Leader of Wildtree, Marlene Spiegel realizes the importance of healthy, nutritious products that can turn every meal into a gourmet feast in minutes.
Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin



  1. Anybody heard about this popular recipe book called Chef 790 Secrets? My friend got rid of around 11 lbs in only a month or so as a result of learning the quality recipes! You can just google the site I can't recall the address.

  2. this lifestyle of "everything-extract" is a pity. In the end, It's "life extract" in the form of drugs,and then nothing else matters. I love America, but they have a lot to learn from Europe.


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