Epic Weight Loss Transformation! Before and After Photos


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  1. Hey I currently do a fasting carb cycle with no cardio exercise , I’ve lost weight but not in the mid section where I really want it gone , do you think if I started the cardio weekly it would help any?

  2. I love these videos I told a friend of mine to check one of them outafterwards he felt confident enough to diet himself down and was successfulmore people need to realize it's not rocket science it's very easy

  3. Hey your videos are fantastic! I've been inspired to create my own channel about health and fitness and I just uploaded my first video to my channel if you'd like to check it out it would mean the world, thanks!

  4. Honestly this is a great transformation but since he’s completely new I would of done a lot slower cut so he can build more muscle then he has.
    It’s a way too big deficit, to build muscle. He could of ride that build muscle lose fat at the same time train.

    Still sick transformation.

  5. I'm on a weight Loss journey myself. I'm almost 300 lbs, but my goal is 180lbs. I'm dedicated, and I'm ready to finally finish this. I plan to reach my goal before 2021

  6. Damn..I don't know how to calculate my macros. I'm definitely on a caloric deficit, I'm consuming about 200g of protein a day. Working out and implementing 2-3x cardio sessions a week. For carbs and fat…I'm not sure how much to consume. Great video though…hope your arm gets better and go super saiyan on them weights ASAP!

  7. Question.

    During your shredding program. Do you advice your clients to lift heavy or moderate? The average rep range. Or is it a mixture of strength, hypertrophy and metabolic rep ranges?

  8. I watch all your videos every time they're released and i can't tell you how pumped it gets me watching them. Ross you're looking awesome my man! may your journey help you ascend past ultra instinct. Much love from Colorado keep it up the good work the both of you.


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