epstein-barr-mono-virusThe battle continues!! I can feel my body addressing viral infection, which I am sure is Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) which is affecting my nervous system.

I’ve had typical cold symptoms (scratch throat, mucus, runny nose, congestion) along with piercing nerve pain, the sciatic nerve that runs down my lower back into right leg, my atlas (neck) and in my jaw, specifically where the root canal tooth was that I had pulled in August. (The dentist found a viral cyst behind the tooth)

This is how EBV lives and survives in the body in it’s later phases, it effects the CNS (central nervous system) and confuses the immune system by releasing neurotoxins.

These neurotoxins are sent into areas of the body which trick the immune system, such as the skin, joints, gut, bowel. In my case, the skin.

The immune system raises walls (inflammation) in these areas to try and stop the virus from advancing, this causes what is commonly known as Psoriasis.

As it replicates, there’s more viral byproduct, more lesions on the skin or in the joints, this process can be slow, or in my case very fast depending on how aggressive the virus is.

EBV is commonly known as “mono” which is it’s phase 2, when it’s contagious, infectious and in the bloodstream.

The virus isn’t in these locations, it burrows deeper into tissues, lining of organs, and stays out of the bloodstream.

Well, my body is digging deep after it and addressing it. As I go through these internal pains, my skin continues to soften and lighten. The viral byproduct is slowly diminishing.

This battle causes inflammation to spread, “things getting worse before they get better”, and the process takes a while depending on how much the virus has replicated.

I’m getting there, I can feel it losing it’s grip. Keep fighting the good fight Warriors!

This is the book I have read which has helped me understand EBV and how to fight it most effectively (some things he mentioned, I had already been doing, which is why I’ve been making consistent progress.

Knowing what we are fighting against, is half the battle. The other half is the FIGHT.

Purchase Medical Medium book at this link – http://amzn.to/1nAmU0T

I have made a spreadsheet of the healing foods you can use as a grocery list along with the supplements, which I’ve done some research to find the suggested brands.

Click this link – https://www.psoriasisdiary.com/foods

Here’s a link to the chapter on EBV you can read more on – http://goop.com/the-medical-medium-and-whats-potentially-at-the-root-of-medical-mysteries/

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