The season of exam is here, and the students are into a state of multiple emotions. From the hopes and dreams they are supposed to achieve to the consequent stress build up, exams cause a whirlwind of contrasting feelings to nurture in the minds of the youth. Be it the topper or the one who dreads getting the pass marks in a particular subject, we end up falling into the state of conundrum. Stress not only changes the hormonal balance of a body, but also ignites rage and anger within us that hinders the concentration that the students need to put while preparing or writing for the exam.

Peer pressure is another reason for the stress-induced anger that the students face during exams. Apart from themselves, they scare their relatives or parents who have high expectations from them. It is the unavoidable part of student life, and seems like a tough nut to crack. But a healthy mental state is very necessary to get promoted with flying colors. It might seem difficult, but being at peace is not impossible and with this achieved right, you can shine throughout your life. Want to see how to handle pressure and keep yourself away from anger and stress? Here are some of the tips for proper stress and anger management evaluation.

Classical music heals

The soothing and positive vibes reflected from classical music imbibes into you a very productive state of mind. It encourages you to stay calm and study longer without feeling worries or very angry. It boosts your brain power, and relaxes your mind and soul to help you achieve the right state of peaceful mind.

Brisk walks

Instead of keeping your face fixed on the books, and being attentive and poised for the exams, the students should also take short breaks with brisk walks. This will boost your memory, and brain power, and instil confidence that might have been missing. Physical exercise has a long lasting effect on your brain and will improve your exam performance.

Plan your study routine properly

Instead of messing things up at the last hour; you need to be very meticulous about the routine you have planned. Just some initial effort will increase your productivity, and also reduce your stress and the anger related to it.

Play with bubble wraps and puppies

Reliving stress and anxiety through puppies and bubble wraps has been suggested by the doctors and this is a great way to keep yourself away from the enormous mental afflictions. Make sure to have the peace of mind through these, and sit for the exams with a calm mind.

Enough sleep is crucial

To improve your concentration and mind power, it is mandatory to sleep more and sleep well. Sound sleep is very crucial for the development of tour brain, and strengthens your memory. This will also make you less stressful and angry.

Give some space to your mind

The pre-exam stress is a reason why you get easily worried and agitated, and hence you have to practice meditation to give some space to your mind. This is a great way to take a break when you feel heavy with the anxieties of exam. Make this a regular habit early in the morning.

Have dark chocolate

To fight the stress and anger hormone cortisol properly you can indulge into some dark chocolate every day. They decrease the stress hormones, and also release endorphins that act as a stress fighter.
If these don’t work positively, then you can seek professional help and get enrolled for the expert taught anger management programs.


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