Exercises after a Hip Replacement: Do's & Don'ts with Sherry Zak Morris, C-IAYT


The first 6-8 weeks after a hip replacement surgery (or really ANY surgery) are critical to how you will be walking and moving around from then on. So, spending the time with your post-op exercises is super important. In this video, I discuss the posterior and anterior hip replacement approaches and what movements and exercises are in the do’s and don’ts category.

For the full 30-Minute Post-Op Hip Replacement exercises, visit

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  1. Sherry, brought back memories as a Rehabilitation Technician I did for years. You did a Excellent job reviewing very informative information about hip precautions. This is a very Excellent video. I will be definitely passing on to anyone in future that I know has had a hip surgery. God Bless you for being so caring and compassionate. Love Tamson 😇 💖

  2. Hi Sherry-san. Thanks for this. Japan is much more conservative. I'm told to use a cane for 3 months, which I will do even though recently I feel no need for it. Can't drive a car for 3 months. Etc. After 1 month of hospitalized rehab, which included PT as well as OT, there were exercises they gave me to do at home, some versions of which you present here. I didn't realize the movement limitations you mention (I was told, in addition to what you mention, not to do twists, even seated chair twists) are only for the duration of the healing process. I thought they are lifelong. I thought I'd never again bend more than 90 degrees. I'll ask my doctor next week when I have a checkup. Though it's true a former teammate in America who had the same surgery is now putting in his own socks. No longer using that thingamajig, which I'm sure has a name. "Sock-putter-oner?"


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