Exercises for PERKIER BOOBS // No SURGERY Breast Lift Chest Workout


Here are some exercises for perkier boobs! This workout will help you LIFT & SHAPE YOUR chest – it is like a breast lift without surgery. Remember – this will not make them bigger, it will just lift your boobs. SHOP WOMEN’S BEST: & use code VICKY10 – GET ALL THE NEW protein bar flavors before they RUN OUT!



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  1. I got a pair of "LZWIN bra inserts" on Amazon, it works… it is the safest and simplest way to increase my breast size so far…I will also try the method in the video, hope it can also work…..

  2. Her Workouts are amazing 😊😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤❤i like being honest i'v drop lots of weight on my whole body and im getting some of those abs already. I do need to workout alittle more on my butt other then that im happy with my results 👍👍👍👍

  3. There seem to be a few misconceptions here so PLEASE READ THIS before commenting
    1. the FIRST thing I say in this video is that YOU CANNOT increase your breast SIZE through exercise.
    2. Doing these exercises targets your CHEST MUSCLES which lie underneath your breast tissue. Your breast tissue is ATTACHED to your chest muscle. Lifting & sculpting your chest muscle will help lift & sculpt your boobs… because they are attached.

    Thank you for coming to this anatomy class.

  4. Hello there laddies
    I did the workout and my chest feels different and so do my shoulders, during the workout I could feel the muscles working…
    Day 1: I did 20 wall pushups
    30 arm pull overs (using a heavy textbook)
    50 arm criss crosses
    30 arm raises using a thick pillow, and I repeated it 2 times…. Will be back with another update tomorrow…
    And who else did this workout? Post your results as well… #perkierboobs #letsgetit #thanksVicky


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