I have friends who are overweight, we all do… and often we find that their stories ring similar. Body shaming leaving them to be insecure with who they are… I’d be careful though… because what if they knew how to throw a proper punch?

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  1. you are such a fucking weaboo dude it's insane, please don't pause every 0.001th frame to make sure you can pretend your voice is deep and talk like a virgin blue-haired animeloving filth of a human over the paused frame like you somehow perfectly analyze obvious ass moves into being something SO ADVANCED, pls kys

  2. I disagree he has a bit of fat on him but he is quite muscular. Some fat people aren't as muscular.dont say fat people are fast or throw harder because of fat it is ridiculous. Your setting them up to be beaten.75 percent of fighting is fitness. Oh and by the way butter bean only fights low rates fighters and for shorter rounds.he was boxings freak show.and this thing about swinging your hips is crazy. It's about position speed and foot movement.

  3. Did anyone else notice Butterbeans last over hand right never landed? That buff retard took a dive for God knows what reason but that last never even landed and he acted like he was knocked out wtf..

  4. I want to be a fat fighter because I love Roy Nelson, Mark hunt, and butterbean because I think they put on a great fight to watch especially the emperor Fador Emelianenko.


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