There is a common misconception that has existed for years now. You might be familiar with the term “angry feminist”, but the story fuelling it is absurd, sexist and offensive to all women in general. People relate the terms feminism and anger, just like they coincide thanksgiving and pumpkin pie. But it is actually very demeaning to do so!

Female anger can be scary and truly frightening. (Ask all the male partners!). But anger is an emotional response that is common to all. As defined by leading psychologists of the world, anger is the show of hostility towards anything that causes the slightest of irritation or annoyance. So can we really categorise anger on the basis of gender? Were Adam and Eve not equally responsible for the downfall of the entire mankind? So why a woman with anger is termed unprofessional, when a man with equal rage climbs the social status!

Feminists are Not Always Angry!

The questions raised in the previous segment has quite relevance. There is a crucial imbalance in the essence of how anger is viewed in both the genders. When in an argument a man who expresses his emotions in the form of anger is often termed as passionate and dedicated, whereas a woman with the same of emotions is stereotyped as angry and out of control.

This type of behavior can be traced back to the ancient theories were females were considered to be not-so rational. A woman who could not control her rage was often demeaned for not being ladylike. This soon became a paradox for all women who are now expected to behave in a prescribed way that the society finds acceptable.

Women who are feminists and believe in equality for both the genders are the easy targets for they are branded for being full of rage and frenzy. This wipes off all effectiveness a woman has, replacing it with age old traditions of caging a woman. If any lady is angry and has a good reason to be so, then as a human being it is a natural process and like all humans showing her anger puts her in as much control as any other.

End The Myth and Begin a Happy World

“Feminism is that when you don’t let your gender define who you are, what you want to be.”

The point put forward could not have been any correct. It points out that in a world, where humans are considered to be the superior beings, how women are restricted and labelled! So without resorting to any stereotypes and changing the basic philosophy that has existed for centuries, it is time to embrace change. Only then can the world become a happier place to live in.

It is true that sometimes there are women who do cross their line, letting anger take the best of them. But then taking the right path and women anger management online classes it can be controlled. There is always a solution and seeking expert help will further clear things up. Wrath is a human emotion and should not be labelled to the female gender! It is love that we all need, not hatred.

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