Fitness Cover Model Workout (Get Fitness Model Ripped!)


Being a fitness cover model means 2 things – Number one, I have to stay in peak physical shape year-round so I never miss the opportunity to land my next big cover – and number two, I have to squeeze in quick, ultra-efficient, intense fat burning workouts with my busy schedule filled with shoots, world travel, building a business and most importantly, being a father of 4.

David Morin here from Blue Star Nutraceuticals and today I’m going to run you through the exact full body fat burning workout laid out in my 8 page spread in this month’s magazine. It’s a workout I can utilize any time I need to crank up my fat loss and dial in for a shoot.

Ready to find out what it takes to stay ripped and ready 365 days a year?

This is the Muscle and Fitness Cover Model Workout

Let’s get to it!

For this workout, you’ll do 10 exercises in circuit fashion.

Perform 12 Reps of each exercise using moderately heavy weight.

For timed exercises, you will perform each for 90 seconds.

Perform all 10 exercises back-to-back with no rest between until you have completed all 10 exercises – that is one round.

You are allowed 3 minutes to rest and rehydrate with AminoFast™ between each round.

Repeat the entire circuit for a total of 3 rounds.

Your goal is to complete the workout in under 1 hour.

Exercise #1: Heavy Tire Flip (12 Reps)
Grab the heaviest tire you can flip. Just make sure you don’t deadlift the tire up – that’s how you tear a bicep. Instead stand back about a foot and push your chest hard into the tire. When half way up, drive your knee under it – switch hand positions – and push it off you. Remember to brace the core tight and keep the back straight.

Exercise #2: Landmine Row + Press (12 Reps each side)
These are going to tax your lats and shoulders all in one fluid movement. Begin with the weight on the ground standing perpendicular to the bar. Stagger your left leg in front of your right, pull with your elbow and row the end of the bar up with your right arm. As the bar approaches hip height, rotate your grip under the bar then drive your arm up directly overhead into a shoulder press, control the weight back down to the ground, switch sides and repeat, alternating side to side until the time is up.

Exercise #3: Sled Push (90 Seconds)
Load up a heavy sled with 1-2x your bodyweight on it and drive that sucker down and back as many times as possible in 90 seconds. Remember to pump those knees, keep the core braced and back straight.

Exercise #4: Jump Rope (90 Seconds)
However you want to skip is up to you, feel free to mix it up with 1 foot hops, 2 foot hops, whichever you feel like – just keep the rope moving the entire time.

Exercise #5: Heavy Bag Punch (90 Seconds)
Next up, throw on a pair of gloves and work the heavy bag with some quick, explosive combos. Keep up the tempo and keep your arms moving the entire time.

Exercise #6: Battle Ropes (90 Seconds)
Grab the ropes, squat down and throw them as hard as you can using your core and whole body – don’t rely on just using your arms. Mix up the movement patterns for variety – big waves, small waves, circles, etc. you can even switch up grips as you become more advanced to increase the difficulty with these.

Exercise #7: Med Ball Slam (12 Reps)
Just pick the ball up overhead and slam it down as hard as you can using head-to-toe power and momentum for 15 hard reps!

Exercise #8: Jumping Split Squat (12 Reps each side)
Setup in a lunge position, hold a dumbbell or plate to your chest, keep your core braced and chest up, drive your front heel through the floor and explode up into the air, switch legs mid-air and cushion the landing then repeat alternating side to side.

Exercise #9: Spiderman Push-up (12 Reps each side)
Perform a regular push up then bring one knee up to your elbow every time you lower to the bottom position. Alternate sides back and forth and really work the core and chest!

Exercise #10: Box Jumps (12 Reps)
Use a plyo box or platform above knee height – squat down and jump onto the box with head-to-toe power and momentum – then step back down and repeat. Aim to be light on your feet and use full body explosiveness.

And that’s a wrap! You made it through the Last Minute Cover Shoot Workout. Congrats!

Add this workout into your regular workout routine 2 days per week and you’ll start to see your physique transform faster than you ever thought possible.
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