Flat Abs In 6 Min. (Ab Wheel Workout at home)


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Although the title is says Flat Abs In 6 Minutes I still stick by my claim that your abs will be flat in 6 minutes after doing this ab workout but in order to see the flat abs you got means you need to get rid of any fat over your stomach with these 5 steps @ and if you think it I impossible to get flat abs in 6 minutes then before you criticize…

Do this 6 minute ab workout and then tomorrow you will feel your sore but rock hard abs all day long just begging to be revealed to the world if only you would get rid of the ugly body fat hiding them. Read on to learn more about this ab wheel workout and how to get rid of belly fat to see six pack abs…

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For this ab wheel or ab roller workout you are simply do 6 sets of 5 reps on the ab wheel or ab roller but you are standing up the whole time. Do not do this ab wheel or ab roller workout on your knees. You will get a much better six pack ab workout if you do tis standing up as opposed to on your knees

If this workout is too easy then simply stand farther back and if too hard stand closer to the wall.

If you ever workout up to a point where you are going full out all the way back and it gets too easy then wear a weight vest to make this ab wheel or ab roller tough enough to give you a good six pack ab workout for your fitness level.

Instead of 5 reps each set in this ab roller workout for flat abs you could do 6 or more reps each set and/or you could rest less than 45 seconds between each set and vice versa if too hard…

You could do less than 5 reps per set in this ab wheel workout for a flat six pack and/or rest longer than 45 seconds but at doing less than 5 reps you should not need a lot more time to rest between sets.

This six pack abs workout really only needs to be done once a week but you fitness freaks can do it 1-to-3 times a week for flatter abs.

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It does not matter if you use a wheel, towels on a slick floor or an office chair but you can buy an inexpensive ab roller from amazon here:

Flat Six pack abs are easily built but in order to see your flat abs make sure you use the 5 steps here: and those 5 steps will help you be able to finally see the six pack abs you built with the ab roller or ab wheel or whatever you wish to call it.

The 5 steps are going to basically show you what to do to tackle your belly fat covering up the fact you really have flat six pack abs by using a calorie restricted diet along with fat loss workouts like t25, tae-bo, or my fat loss workouts @ and as you lose belly fat and love handles you will see your abs or belly get flatter and flatter.

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  1. You should use the wall as a safety feature, but not intentionally use it to bounce out of it every single repetition; that is cheating the original purpose of your workout; doing them slow and stopping before hitting the wall is a better way

  2. I like the idea of the wall stop. I am not sure about the effect of the sudden stop on the back. For ab rollers I would suggest the mini ab roller rod. It uses a removable Olympic plate as the wheel on a 9 inch long rod. The plate(s) are held in place by collars. This allows from 2.5 lbs up to 45 lbs to be used. The collars provide a place to hook the ab roller directly to a cable pulley machine or stretch band. The plates can be removed and the rod can be used to do cable pulldown crunches. There are several videos on youtube.


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