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Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

This week I had the pleasure of spending some time with you on Facebook Live to create some fluid art journal pages. I wanted to show you how I used mark making and layered paint to create intuitive images on this fluid art journaling spread. I love this process because everything I’ve done here in this video is simple. I’ve used “x” shapes and lines that look like roots, as well as some more layers of messy paint.

Working intuitively with high flow acrylic paints is a soothing experience for me, and an adventurous one. I know it does the same for a lot of my students. Here’s the 5 minute speedy version and my commentary about the process. You’ll find the supply list below the video.



Resources for Fluid Art Journaling:

Moleskine Watercolor journal
Golden High flow acrylic paint, White
Golden High flow acrylic paint, Indigo
Golden High flow acrylic paint, Teal
Golden High flow acrylic paint, Nickel Azo Yellow
Micron pen in Sepia
White Posca paint pen


Want play more with high flow paints?

If you loved this fluid art journaling process, you will LOVE my class, Fluid Art. We make mini masterpieces in the most playful, low pressure way that helps you weave this gorgeous art practice into your life, and into little accordion fold journals. You can take a peek  at a video here: Fluid Art E-Course

Here’s a gorgeous piece of work by one of my students, Cheryl Razmus:

fluid art class student work, fluid art class, fluid art journaling

Creatively Yours,





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