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  1. My daughter-in-law is from Rochester, although I don't know whether her Italian family ever cooks anything like this. But here in New Jersey, most diners serve a dish called "Chicken Francaise", which is pretty similar except for thin slices of lemon in the sauce. I wonder if there's any connection?

  2. Could Cayenne be substituted with Paprika or wiil it change the flavor. I have all the ingredients handy except that spice. I don’t want to make another trip to Wegmans. I made the man a millionaire with all my trips I do there…

  3. I can actually understand what he is saying as this must be an early video before he started talking in turbo charged waves and then silence and then another turbo charged wave and then silence and so on , this is just good old fashioned continuous talking in understandable English .

  4. The dish is called chicken francaise. Couple points; first, trying to find a butcher to thinly slice the chicken? Don't even try. Second, two to three minutes a side is probably going to be too long for that thin a cut. maybe one minute per. can always be cooked more in sauce if needed

  5. This is one of my favorite dish in Rochester NY, I remember when I order this dish it came with Artichokes French too,
    too bad I can't find any local restaurant serving this dish, so I will follow your recipe to make my own, Thank you!


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