Fouad Abiad's Big Arm Workout | Pump Up Your 💪💪


IFBB Pro and Kaged Muscle athlete, Fouad Abiad, takes us through his full arm superset workout. Give this workout a try on your next arm day for a pump like no other.

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  1. "I'm 1 of the men at the top of the game".. Can't recall a single high level competition fouad has won. Never seen him on Olympia stage either. Huge comment not backed up..

  2. I really hate this guy after watching this

    Every fucking word he fucking says it’s fucking this and fucking that

    And that squealing noice he makes on the triceps machine pulldown is annoying

    I don’t like his muslim beard either

  3. Are mind is somewhat similar torture is the only way Dorian Yates style the work don't begin till the pain starts that's when the work just begins I like this channel thanks for the vids.

  4. U without of a shadow of doubt have the best build for ever. I only have 2 yrs in and eat whatever I'm thinking if I made my diet spot on I'd go farther I'm going to try to see I'm gas free keep in mind and was just a average man 2 yrs ago. Do you think it's possible I could make it I'd do have a naturally big frame wide shoulders. I like to punish and never take longer than 30 seconds I like my heart rate ramped like Freight train would you be willing to give me advice please I do drink 2 sodas a day because I do construction and get tired maybe I should switch to coffee so I know I'm going to get railed for that.


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