FREE eBook: Building A 10 Hr a Week 50K Private Yoga Business!


Hi Friends, to coincide with the launch of this FREE 28-page, information-packed eBook is now available!

This is an online launch event, and I will be unveiling both the website and the eBook at 10 a.m. on Tuesday May 6th!

This website is designed to address the very common experience that aspiring yoga teachers tell me they have after graduating from yoga teacher training —they often find the route to teaching at a yoga studio very tough and that they are unprepared to run a self-employed business.

The website will be a source of ongoing free content designed specifically to support yoga teachers in overcoming fears and inadequacy, developing more skills, building a successful business, and living their dreams.

Please spread the word to anyone who you feel could benefit from this information!

** Non-yoga teachers, bear in mind that the exact methodology being described here could equally well apply to massage therapists, coaches and other service professionals!

The book has been a labour of love that i want to deliver as a gift that supports you in finding financial success doing meaningful work!

This first course is a step-by-step guide to building a private yoga business that can add 50 thousand dollars a year to your income, working 10 hours a week…


From the Introduction:

“You know how it is.

We graduate from teacher training and want to be like the teachers we admire whose busy public classes first made us fall in love with yoga. We send out resumes and make phone calls and then, we wait. Most often, nothing happens.

We usually find that it is extremely hard to break into teaching at a yoga studio.

For those lucky enough to be offered a regular class on the schedule, attendance can be very hit and miss for a long time, and it certainly does not provide a dependable paycheck.

I talk to so many new (and even established) yoga teachers who are disappointed and disillusioned by the realities of life after teacher training. Some succumb to feeling they have failed, while others feel that they have been misled about the business. Most do not feel they have been well prepared to succeed.

So, what now?

This book is a step-by-step guide to building a successful yoga business, by teaching privates. It is not a get rich quick scheme, and I am certainly not here to give you unrealistic expectations.

You have my word that I will be honest and direct with you in everything we do together.

Private yoga instruction is the most viable option for developing a stable income teaching yoga.

Building public classes at a studio will eventually give you a student base that can drive events like workshops, retreats and teacher trainings, but this is very much the long game —and I will teach you a way to play it in another course!

Privates can be a faster, simpler way to make a good living by increasing your hourly rate and decreasing the number of students you rely upon…”


Table of Contents:


Intro: Why Privates?

Chapter 1: Why Me? An Exercise on Value
Surface and Depth
Roll out Your Mat and Stand Tall

Chapter 2: Selecting Your Demographic

Chapter 3: The Simple Marketing Loop
Your Website

Chapter 4: Script, Boundaries and “The Frame”
Consistency & Professionalism

Chapter 5: Managing Your Bookings

Lastly: Taxes & Insurance.



One of the things I also hear a lot from newer teachers is that they struggle with confidence and feeling worthy to teach, so the book also features exercises to move beyond self-doubt, face your fears and develop greater confidence in the value of what you have to share.




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