We cannot express how thankful we are that you attended the DC FLI and advocated for the naturopathic medical profession! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Your efforts truly made a difference! How so?

Take a look:

  • We had a record number of DC FLI attendees at 193!
  • Attendees met with staff members of 58 Senators and 105 House Representatives resulting in 701 total meetings (380 in Senate and 321 in House + one meeting with the pertinent Senate Health, Labor & Pensions Committee!
  • You doubled the representation of the new Integrative Health and Wellness Caucus on the day of your meetings and set it up for growth as more than 30 Reps and several Senators want more information to join!
  • 1 meeting resulted in a letter of inclusion extended from an office regarding participation in invite-only discussions by leading healthcare officials on solutions to opioid misuse and abuse!

For all of these efforts and more, give yourselves a BIG round of applause! It doesn’t end here. We have more work to do. Below, you’ll find follow up information and helpful documents that will help us all to move the needle forward for naturopathic medicine!


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Node Smith, ND, is a naturopathic physician in Portland, OR and associate editor for NDNR. He has been instrumental in maintaining a firm connection to the philosophy and heritage of naturopathic medicine among the next generation of docs. He helped found the first multi-generational experiential retreat, which brings elders, alumni, and students together for a weekend camp-out where naturopathic medicine and medical philosophy are experienced in nature. Four years ago he helped found the non-profit, Association for Naturopathic ReVitalization (ANR), for which he serves as the board chairman. ANR has a mission to inspire health practitioners to embody the naturopathic principles through experiential education. Node also has a firm belief that the next era of naturopathic medicine will see a resurgence of in-patient facilities which use fasting, earthing, hydrotherapy and homeopathy to bring people back from chronic diseases of modern living; he is involved in numerous conversations and projects to bring about this vision.


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