GFriend Umji – Dieting & Weight Loss 2015 – 2019


GFriend Umji has been struggling with her weight since debut, but since 2018 she has slowly been getting more support.

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  1. "Her getting plastic surgery is like scratching a lotto ticket and winning 50c" THE LEVEL OF NASTY IS PHENOMENAL

    Umji isnt the societal definiton of "pretty" but most of us arent. She's charming and lovely and honestly I'm tired of getting angry at knetz because regardless of what we say to them to try and get them to shut up or what the idols do to try and please them, they won't stop. It's up to us to try and spread enough positivity to drown out the hate <3

  2. Not gonna lie, that debut hairstyle did nothing for her face, those straight bangs made her face look so much chubbier than it actually was and some of those outfits were so unflattering. I think the recent haircut and confidence boost make her shine so much brighter than before

  3. You did miss a part durning fingertip promotions when eumji was praised as being one of the most beautiful idols, for some odd reason during that month everyone loved her 😂

  4. I feel like the reason she looked “dead” on stage was because of the dancing + weight… I know I would be terrible of my fat (especially on the thighs) shaking around and I wouldn’t want to dance too vigorously

  5. People saying Umji did surgery bring my violent tendancies out.
    Except for a knee injury during Navillera era, she has been busy since debut.
    There has never been a time when she could have done surgery.
    She received a lot of hate for her weight & appearance from Glass Bead to Rough eras but she never went under the knife.
    She only hid behind her bangs & hair during Rough era.
    She looks different now because: puberty (she was a teenager during Gfriend's debut), weigh loss (she started keeping the same weight during Time for the Moon night thanks to excercising, yoga or whatever. There was a picture of her proving so) & better hairstyle/make up.
    The girls were not wearing much make up during most of the school trilogy.
    But Time for the Moon Night era started a more mature look.

    I am so glad she is happier now.
    She was always pretty to me and definitely the cutest during Glass Bead era.
    I love that since Navillera, she is showing her face proudly and keeping her head high.
    You need a thick skin to work in the entertainment industry, especially in South Korea where they criticize your look so much. So seeing her so confident now makes me so proud of her. 😭😭
    Haters can keep hating but Umji is a total package: visuals, talent & personality.

    PS: 'Sunrise' MV + promos started in January, not December.

  6. I believe netizen who saying bad things about Umji were NEVER SEE HER IRL. I met her in a fanmeeting and she's absolutely stunning. Glowing. She shed her baby fat (like most maknaes do when they grow up) and getting even prettier.


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