Gluten is a tricky one.

We need to break down the parts of it and other aspects around it and in it. Preservatives, sulfates, “Natural Flavors”, canola oil, very common ingredients, (some that have their own unlisted sub-ingredients i.e. vinegar), are high priority poisons to avoid eating as much as possible. They drive the Liver nuts! So, when attempting any elimination phases, dig down into the parts. Many times conventional wheat products are “enriched” and perservatives are added that are really bad for the body.

Ok, now on to our worst enemy…. Gluten, lol.

Gluten is a sticky substance.

Stuff gets stuck in Gluten, especially the conventionally grown for bulk Gluten. Gluten is not all the same among different preparations of food. The wheat plants that get relentlessly dowsed in herbicides (such as Glyphosate, chart below), pesticides, the ones that are genetically modified to contain the chemicals, this is the Evil Gluten. Plants bathed in chemicals, those chemicals get trapped in the sticky Gluten, and the Gluten is what spikes our allergy tests. This type of Gluten is indigestible, irritable, corrosive, and food for pathogens present in the gut that are thriving in a weak, acidic, gut ecology.


Treat the food or ingredient as a category, and then add in the stuff it’s made of and most importantly, Sourcing. “How was this food I’m eating created?” If you are in a drive-thru or at a restaurant, most times, you can answer with “As cheaply as possible.” which means more chemicals, more preservatives, more additives, more herbicides/pesticides, more natural flavors, more canola oil, these specific corrosive, poisonous elements that all must be dealt with by…. The Liver.

Gluten-free diets can really help people. There are many across the world doing much better without gluten in their diets, they are healing.

My goal here is to create a distinction and target the true culprits. By removing gluten, all the suspects have been removed. I don’t see gluten as the crime lord, just the substance where other bad guys hang out.

Gluten is a tricky one 😉

For grains, target organic ancient grains, quinoa, wild rices, noodles made out of squash or zucchini work very well. Minimizing gluten in general, will help healing progress speed up.

Food sourcing and purchasing will be the most important endeavor for families the rest of this century.

Our health is in OUR hands.

Eat a lot of raw fresh foods with high counts of antioxidants, phytochemicals, enzymes, fiber, glucose, trace minerals. Grazing on fresh fruits, organic when you can, throughout morning and afternoon is ideal as they cover the nutrients mentioned above. Here’s my priority list of what I graze on the most daily –

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