What will you call “violence”? Beating someone to death or using the offensive words to get things done? Violence has no such concrete definition, but has various forms and manifestations. Some people show their violent face with continuous throw of abusive language and some resort to beating, thrashing or humiliation. When this hostility takes place between the four walls, between a couple or those that share the same space, is called domestic violence. Yes, quite a clichéd word though! Statistically speaking, in USA, almost 3 women are killed by their physically abusive spouses and more than 24 people experience violence from their intimate partners. Shocking, isn’t it?

Recognize The Right Time:

To eliminate this epidemic from the society, everyone needs to be aware of what is the right time to seek help for domestic violence. Just like cancer, if treated in the initial stage, domestic violence can also be cured from the root and the couple might well “live happily ever after”. But in most cases, the victims hardly raise their voices. They come to notice when it is too late. So, if your spouse is being abusive at the drop of a hat and you are in constant fear of his outrage, then it is time you should seek help. And those on the opposite side, who are the victims of their own anger and can’t stop themselves from being abusive, might also seek help from the experts who offer their domestic violence programs.

What is a Domestic Violence Program?

After the huge number of campaigns against domestic violence, the reputed social organizations have come up with courses where one will learn to cope with their upsurge of aggression. These domestic violence programs usually deal with both the victim and the accused. The experts recommend that one should enrol himself in domestic violence programs the moment the realization comes. If not the person himself, but those who share the same space with him must also be aware and take that person to the domestic violence classes where they can get the right treatment. These classes will help victims to properly respond to domestic violence and put a stop to it. These programs also act as a preventive measure for those who have not yet suffered from it.

Court Accepted Domestic Violence Program and certification:

In some reputed organization, the experts also offer court accepted domestic violence classes where a person accused of aggression against his close ones can learn to cope with his outrage. These are certification courses and the accused might have to present the certificate in courtroom.

So, remember to raise your voice against domestic violence and take help from the top-rated organizations to free the world from its clasp.

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