Green Smoothie Recipe for Weight Loss


This is my Green Smoothie Recipe for Weight Loss. You can purchase the matcha I used here

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  1. Kelli!! ♡
    I have like a problem in my body, my waist is small but my legs are full of fat belly can you maybe help me with to say what i have to do to get toned legs and smaller legs.

    Love you, xx ilham

  2. I cant wait to try and see if it works i have tried a bunch of smoothies for loosing weight but none seem to be working, so im very exited to see how this works and if u have any tips that u think might help me liose weight fast pls comment im trying to get in shape for summer. Btw love ur vid❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hi keli I need help, I concider my self fat. I usualy starve my self the whole day and than at the end of the day I will binge. I dont know what to do but I just cant stop. I feel soo bad because of it. Sorry if I said something wrong.


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