Hatha Yoga: Connecting with the Sun and Moon


Sadhguru introduces us to the fundamentals of what hatha yoga is and how imbibing hatha yoga can activate the two basic dimensions within us – the Sun and the Moon

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  1. Jesus would have been a master yogi teacher if this practice brought ones soul closer to God.. Never once did he remotely teach such a practice because it leads one away from our creator, God and Jesus his son. Yogi is all about self. God is all about others.
    God is not a religion. He is a spirit who lives in the realm of perfectness trying to get his creation to follow but many are sadly lost due to wrong beliefs and teachings.
    Jesus came to restore the path back to God and once you truly experience God thru Jesus you understand his purpose for us in this life. One then goes from darkness into light and is able to as Jesus say's, see clearly.
    One question we all need to ask ourselves is, "Who is going to cover our sins when we stand in front of our all perfect God one day soon?"
    God bless all………….

  2. My father was a very hardworker he was a farmer always did so much strenuous work hard labor.veg farming rice farming and a businessman.i feel like the children cant do half the work my father did please give advice in this..plus he was a intelegent man.

  3. sadaguru…m unable to understand ur one statement,in ur one session u said that we all r the children of sun n moon…n in one session u r talking about the diff.types of genes we all hv..as in diff.gotra,nakshtra ppl….means caste religion etc…..so wts this plz clear it…..

  4. It is very hard and long and time taking to know sun phases, but I can tell moon phases after 8 months. At very least I can easily tell if its waxing or waning cycle. It becomes very easy to do really if you can take the pain for it, this is the least thing to bother about yet most important.

  5. Nice to hear this. I've discovered this phenomenon during my college "daze," where I was able to tap into ancient ancestors and draw upon their strength and wisdom. Just some old powerful dudes I can access at any given moment, especially during physical and mental trials.

  6. I remember in another video, where the mixture and combination of the by bhakti yoga, gnana yoga, karma yoga and Kriya yoga are required to manifest unity within the body.
    can anyone explain to me , where does Hatha yoga come into play with these other four types of yoga?
    or is it a separate type of yoga that has nothing to do with those four types?

  7. he would not have come if it werent so. old knowledge seems not to want to accept that our creator gave us His son not just a teacher. if we have all this knowledge and Jesus we could move even faster to everyone enjoying our World and the life given to us. we are one

  8. I hope that Mr Jagadish Vasudev has repented for the killing of his wife in India and running away to the US with his wealthy mistress to avoid prosecution. Bless Vijji's soul.

    Even a parrot can utter wise words, it is actions that reveal a person's state of consciousness. Before being mesmerized by any self-proclaimed "Satguru," simply Google him up. If there are victims, they will share with you the truth.

  9. Sadhguru has been a fraud preying on peoples money and cant help to solve their issues, only our God Jesus Christ can give you eternal peace and life, seek him .He's the only way .Connecting with the sun and moon is usless, go to the creator not the dumb creation that doesn't speak or guide like Jesus does.

  10. I grow all my vegetables,planting by the moon and they grow lovely.I no when my mother was alive she did almost everything by the moon phases….Thank you for sharing…    


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