lymph system healing crisisThe lymphatic system is the ONLY way out for toxins. When we start to fuel our bodies, this system in particular, activates which causes symptoms.

I refer to these symptoms as Healing Crisis (HC).

The lymph system is starting to operate and move. LOTS of toxins coming out, causes of Psoriasis, and the lymph nodes are going to hold and release (causing swelling, new spots in the area and discomfort), to not over-poison the body.

I have gone through this a LOT on my journey, signs of lymph activity are good signs that the body is working and flushing, this is the process that takes a while and why healing takes a while.

At six weeks into your Natural Healing Practice (NHP), the digestive system should be much better, so more absorption, more toxin flushing, more swollen lymph.

You may get soreness in neck, hips, underarms, shoulders, ankles, knees, all these are major lymph intersections/locations. very light, One way massage up the legs, arms, down the neck towards mid section also helps.

When the lymph nodes back up, nerves in the area become very sensitive. The nerves themselves are also under attack in most cases by viruses thriving in an acidic environment.

An environment we are working on changing over time.

The lymph is our sewer system, the only way out for toxins. I was completely unaware of the true nature and value of this system, UNTIL I started my NHP in 2012 and experienced the many symptoms of healing.

HC dictates that, it took a long time to get this sick, it will take a good long while to reverse and heal. When I found this document by Dr. Walter Last, it honestly saved my life, I was scared, thinking of quitting, I was a year in, new spots everywhere, sore all over, swollen glands, ankles, neck, wrists, elbows etc…

Click this link to read the HC doc –

HC symptoms come mainly from lymphatic activity, LOTS of it. Right now as the body first heals, there is a lot of waste to process.

The lymph becomes overworked and the activity itself causes symptoms like these:

  • – Extreme systemic itchiness (itches you just cant scratch)
  • – New spots and pustules to pop up along lymph vessels and joints
  • – old spots spreading out
  • – dry skin
  • – swollen lymph nodes
  • – painful joints around major nodes
  • – chronic lower back and hip pain
  • – fatigue
  • – exhaustion
  • – brain fog
  • – frequent urination (a good thing)
  • – gunk coming out of eyes, ears, nose, mouth
  • – congestion
  • – cold & allergy symptoms
  • – constant runny nose, clear liquid
  • – cold extremities
  • – tingling/numbness
  • – jolts
  • – muscle spasms
  • – illness such as a common cold as toxins are removed
  • – (I’ll add other symptoms I have experienced here as I think of them)

I strongly believe that the correct probiotics can minimize Healing Crisis symptoms in general. I wish I would have had these plant and soil based liquid probiotics the first 4.5 years of my healing journey. I’d be Much farther along. Here’s a link ->

Here’s a detailed research article I wrote on why these particular probiotics are so good for healing Psoriasis

Also Celtic sea salt or Himalayan pink salt, a pinch in a cup of water, stir until dissolved and drink, 2x a day will get the lymph flushing. Frequent urination is important and a good sign.

KEEP pumping in the alkaline water. This flushes the lymph system faster.

You can also explore deeper detoxifications and cleansing. Here are the specific powders and oils I use for this. I do it in cycles as I can afford as well:

Deeper Detoxification / Heavy Metal Chelation (if needed)

  1. Wild Greens –
  2. Camu –
  3. Takesumi (Bamboo) –
  4. Essential oil blend (topical) –

I look at my HCs as phases. I had phase 1, which was the initial and worst HC, and I cleared my skin completely. I was 90% covered, it took about 2 years to clear.

I have had a phase 2 for about 15 months now. I am still working on clearing deep infections, and when I address them, they activate. HCs can come and go in cycles depending on 2 things I feel:

  1. What the causes of our P are that we are detoxing from i.e. poor diet, infections, metal toxicity, halide toxicity, stress disorders, environmental aspects, no sleep etc…
  2. How deeply rooted the causes are, they must all be completely pulled to the surface and dealt with in sequence. When they are pulled to the surface, the body responds to remove them via the lymph, and this ‘shake up’ has all kinds of symptoms on the skin and internally.

I’m getting to the bottom of it all, and each aspect has an HC involved, that is my experience with this process. I’ll be so much better for it in the long run with my health.

Seek out a lymph drainage massage therapist if you can, I have found a great one this past year and it has helped me immensely through a major HC.

Also try these exercises in morning and/or night to breath, stretch and pump the lymph system. ->

A Trampoline (Rebounder) is also great for the lymph. The lymph relies on us to pump it!

Here’s a post I wrote when I first noticed HC symptoms and researched the process of true natural healing in more depth –

Here’s the original white paper I found online in 2013, that saved my life at the time. I was really freaked out by all the symptoms for a while. This paper, helped me stay strong –

A couple years ago, I came across this book, and it is also a very good explanation on the Healing Crisis experience, what to expect and how to handle it. It specifically mentions Psoriasis reversal symptoms, very short, quick read –

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