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The healthy skinny cabbage salad is the perfect recipe for summer. This salad fill you up and kickstart your weight loss plan. It need not be the usual boring cucumber, capsicum or onion slices, you can try different everyday. The salad which is shown in the video is super easy to make, fresh and light with lots of flavor.

STEP 1 : Chop 5 cups of cabbage
STEP 2: Chop 2 cups of carrot
STEP 3 : Finely Chop 1/3 Cup Dill
STEP 4: Take 1/3 tsp salt
STEP 5: Take 1/3 tsp pepper
STEP 6 : Take 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Recipe of Healthy Skinny Cabbage Salad:
1. To make this healthy, crunchy and tasty salad- slice the cabbage into strips.

2. Add some shredded carrots, finely chopped dill and some salt.

3. Mix all the ingredients with your hands for few minutes to soften cabbage.

4. Add some olive oil and pepper to the salad and give it a final stir.

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